February 16, 2024

Lunar Revel Celebrations Come to League of Legends: Wild Rift

Step into the magical world of the 2024 Lunar Festival in Wild Rift, where fireworks light up the skies, dragons of all sizes roam freely, lanterns guide the way, and red envelopes hold promise of good fortune. As we dive into the Year of the Dragon, League of Legends: Wild Rift invites players worldwide to join in the festive celebrations.

Wild Rift Lunar Revel

New Year, New Rift: Dragon Lantern Skins Event

The spotlight of Lunar Revel 2024 is on the brand-new skinline, Dragon Lantern. This enchanting collection is here to illuminate the path out of the darkness, bringing a touch of magic to your favorite champions. A select group of champions, including Aatrox, Zeri, Zyra, Graves, and Thresh, have received the honor of sporting these stunning Dragon Lantern skins.

In a grand display of creativity, Wild Rift introduces 13 new skins under the Lunar Guardian and Dragon Lantern skinlines. The Arena mode also returns after receiving a visual boost, and it’s ready to deliver thrilling battles for the holiday season. Grab a duo partner and dive into the excitement.

Lunar Guardian Aurelion Sol

The celestial dragon, Lunar Guardian Aurelion Sol, makes a majestic entrance into the festivities.

Starting on January 25, players started their road towards this awe-inspiring skin by completing a list of special missions.

Lunar Guardian Aurelion Sol

Lunar Revel 2024 Event: Year of the Dragon

Starting February 8, embark on a Lunar journey with your Lunar Guardians and Dragon Lantern champions. This special event unfolds with story-based missions, three Aurelion Sol chromas to boost your collection, and red packets that you can generously share with other players during the celebration. The Rift becomes a canvas for the Lunar Festival, painting a vibrant picture of joy and friendship.

The fun doesn't end there! The Dragon Lantern skins take center stage in a New Year's Event, weaving an engaging storyline that promises a wealth of rewards. Dive into the festivities and secure exciting free skins, along with the mystical Dragonfire Magic game mode. The Arena mode also received a festive transformation, ensuring a visually spectacular experience for all participants.

Don't miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in the Lunar Festival 2024 in Wild Rift. Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with friends, collect captivating skins, and bask in the radiant glow of dragon magic. The festivities are in full swing, and the Wild Rift awaits your presence in this vibrant celebration of joy, rewards, and the spirit of the Lunar New Year!


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