February 08, 2024

League of Legends: The Strongest URF Champions in 2024

Everyone who has ever played League of Legends knows how fast-paced and chaotic the MOBA genre can be, especially during high-octane moments like team fights over some of the most important objectives, like the Baron Buff or the Dragon Soul. However, deep in the Riot Games headquarters, one mind decided that LoL was not fast enough, and with that, URF was born!

What is URF in League of Legends?

Ultra Rapid Fire is a rotating game mode for League of Legends in which Champion ability cooldowns are reduced by an average of 80% while their attack speed is increased to more than double and is uncapped.

This game mode also grants a stat boost to champions who do not benefit as much from the cooldown reduction and attack speed buff, while giving other specific champions less powerful buffs to promote balance and improve the game mode's playability.

In URF, your abilities do not use any resources such as mana, energy, or HP. So you can spam as much as you want!

League of Legends URF

This mix of chaotic features creates an extremely fast-paced and unpredictable gameplay experience that is nothing like the traditional League of Legends we’re used to.

When is URF returning to League of Legends?

On February 7th, 2024, Riot updated League of Legends with Patch 14.3, adding tons of new content to the game, including the Ultra Rapid Fire mode to the Rotating-Game-Mode (or RGM) queue. This means you can start playing URF right now!

URF originally started as an April Fools' joke by Riot Games, but players loved it so much that it keeps making comebacks during special events or holidays. It's like a refreshing break from the usual grind, offering LoL players a chance to jump into some laid-back, chaotic fun. And like all things in gaming, it’s a lot more fun when played with friends!

Who are the best champions in URF?

While we would always recommend trying out your favorite champion in URF to see what it’s like to play them without any resource limits, there are a few League of Legends champions that benefit a lot more from the boost given by this game mode. If there are a couple of champions you want to unlock for URF but you don't have enough Blue Essence, leveling up your account with one of our Challenger players is the quickest way to farm some!

We’ve gathered the statistics from the best analysts, and the numbers speak for themselves, so let’s take a look at the best champions in URF in 2024!


The newly added ADC is already shining bright as a flame, as he benefits both from the attack speed and the cooldown reduction boost from URF. Since Smolder is already very simple to master in the regular game mode, playing him in URF gives you an edge over the competition, as you will be dealing out huge amounts of damage with little effort.


Shaco, one of the most feared champions in URF ever since its debut, remains a top pick for Ultra Rapid Fire. Spamming your Jack-in-the-Box everywhere is scary enough, but the fact that you can pop up out of thin air after turning invisible to spam two or three Shivs in a row makes Shaco nearly unkillable while dealing tons of damage.

Pro-tip: You can pretty much stop any lane push with your clone, which should be up 99% of the time after you hit level 6.

Before revealing the top pick for URF, we need to take a moment to talk about our favorite flex-pick.


With his unconventional mana-scaling, you would think Ryze is not a strong contender in Urf since you don’t really use the extra mana; however, if you manage to get to level 11, your skills will work on a constant refresh cycle, boosting your damage output exponentially. With just one Omnivamp item, you will be able to stay alive while constantly locking your target and spamming your E>Q combo, making you an unstoppable duelist in any one-versus-one scenario.

With that said, the best champion for URF in 2024 is... Drumroll please!

Zed in URF 2024


The shadow ninja is leading the list with a huge advantage. Not only is Zed able to nuke any target with only a couple of skills, he’s practically impossible to catch since the cooldown on his ultimate and W are close to zero.

Not even huge tanks can withstand Zed in URF right now, so you should try picking him up for your next URF game.

Only Riot knows how long URF will be available in League of Legends, so take this chance to gather your friends and go try out the best champions on URF 2024.


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