September 19, 2023

Valorant Update 7.06: What's New, What's Better, and What's Fixed

Alright, gamers, we've got some fresh scoop on Valorant's latest update, version 7.06. This update isn't as heavy as the last one, but it's still packing a punch with a few changes and fixes that will blow your mind. So, grab your favorite snack, kick back, and let's dive into it!

General Updates

First off, let's talk about something that might not sound super exciting, but it's essential: load times. We all know how annoying it can be when you're sitting there, twiddling your thumbs, waiting for the game to load. Well, Riot Games is on it! They've decided to boost the loading system for Valorant and improve the way accessories like gun buddies and weapon skins are loaded into the game. What does that mean for you? Faster load times, baby! This tweak will be coming your way mid-patch, so keep an eye out for it.

Valorant Sage Art

Agent Updates

Now, onto some Agent action. Time to break the ice with our favorite ice queen, Sage.

She is going to be a bit more talkative from now on. She's got some brand-spanking new voice lines that'll add some spice to her interactions with other Agents. Imagine the banter and sass flying around in the game now!

But hey, it's not all fun and games. The devs have also made some sneaky back-end updates to improve combat reports. Sometimes the information wasn't quite right, and they're fixing that up. If you notice anything strange happening, especially after you've met your virtual demise or at the start of a round, be sure to holler at them using the bug report feature.

Competitive Updates

Alright, this one's a bit of a serious matter. You know how some folks have been trying to boost their ranks with bots and by queueing with players way above their own rank? Yeah, that's not cool. Riot Games is cracking down on this by introducing some restrictions. Ascendant players and those higher up the ranks can only invite players with Platinum rank and above to their competitive party. It's like an exclusive club up there! They're also keeping a close eye on any suspicious accounts involved in botting, and if you're caught, well, you might be in some hot water.

Bug Fixes

Let's squash some bugs, shall we? Nobody likes those pesky critters ruining their gaming experience.

Ever had that weird moment when you'd be revealed in spots you shouldn't be after buying a weapon? Well, fret not, because Riot Games has fixed that rare bug.

For all of you who have a keen eye and notice everything on your HUD, the Spike plant and defuse UI bar were indeed playing hide-and-seek once in a while during the last patch. Good news: they won't be hiding anymore; they've been found and fixed back to their regular old spot on the screen.

Lastly, there was this odd issue where vision cones would go into disco mode at the start of a round on the Sunset map. Don't worry; Riot Games has flicked the switch on that bug.

Valorant Sunset Map in Patch 7.06

When is Valorant Patch 7.06 releasing?

This is the third patch coming to Episode Seven—Act Two and it releases today, September 19th, 2023!

So, that's the lowdown on Valorant Update 7.06. Smoother load times, Sage getting chatty with her fellow Agents, and a crackdown on rank boosting shenanigans. It might not be the biggest update in town, but it's going to make life easier for us all. Now, it's time to hop back into the game and see these changes in action. Happy gaming!

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