June 28, 2024

When is the End Date for TFT Set 11 Inkborn Fables?

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) has been a beloved game mode within the Riot Games ecosystem, offering players a refreshing take on the auto-battler genre. With TFT Set 11, also known as Inkborn Fables, players have experienced new gameplay mechanics and a variety of challenges. However, as the season progresses, many are curious about when Set 11 will officially end and what new content awaits in the next set. This blog post will provide all the details you need to know, including projected dates and what to expect from TFT Set 12.

When Does TFT Set 11 End?

TFT Set 11: Inkborn Fables is anticipated to end on July 31, 2024, coinciding with the release of Patch 14.15. Riot Games introduced a new release cadence starting with Set 10, ensuring each set lasts approximately four months. Although an official end date for Set 11 has not been confirmed, we can make an accurate prediction based on the previous release schedules and key events.

The new set, TFT Set 12, is expected to drop onto the Public Beta Environment (PBE) servers on July 17 through Patch 14.14, right after the Set 11 Tactician Crown tournament. Full patch notes for Set 12 should be available by July 16, leading up to the official end of Set 11 on July 31.

Try the New TFT Modes Before Set 11 Ends

While some players might be eager for Set 11 to conclude, there are still several exciting modes and events to enjoy in Teamfight Tactics. These additional game modes offer a boost to the standard gameplay experience, keeping things fresh and engaging.

  • Choncc’s Treasure (May 15 to June 10): This event brings unique challenges and rewards, offering players a chance to engage with the game in a different way.
  • TFT Five-Year Bash (June 12 to July 15): Celebrating five years of TFT, this event is packed with special content and activities designed to commemorate the game's milestone anniversary.
  • Double-Up (Ends July 31): This mode allows players to team up with a partner and compete together, adding a cooperative element to the game.
  • Hyper Roll (Ends July 31): Hyper Roll, a faster-paced version of TFT, is perfect for players who enjoy a more rapid and intense gameplay experience.

It's currently unknown if Set 11 will feature a "for fun" patch after the Five-Year Bash event ends. However, these modes and events should provide plenty of entertainment and a boost to player engagement until the arrival of Set 12.

TFT Chibi Ahri

What to Expect from TFT Set 12

As we approach the end of Set 11, excitement builds for what TFT Set 12 will bring. Based on the typical release schedule, spoilers and teasers for the new set should begin to emerge during the World Championship. Here are some key dates and events to look forward to:

TFT Set 11 Inkborn Fables
  • PBE Release (July 17): Set 12 will be available for testing on the PBE servers, giving players an early look at the new content and mechanics.
  • Patch Notes Release (July 16): Full details of the changes and additions in Set 12 will be revealed, allowing players to prepare for the new season.
  • Official Launch (July 31): The new set will go live on the main servers, marking the end of Set 11 and the start of a fresh four-month cycle.

    Have the Best TFT Experience

    As we await the transition from Set 11 to Set 12, there are several ways you can boost your TFT experience:

    • Stay Updated: Follow official TFT channels and reliable sources for the latest news and updates. This will ensure you are prepared for any changes or new content.
    • Participate in Events: Engage with the ongoing modes and events to maximize your rewards and enjoyment. Each event offers unique opportunities to enhance your gameplay.
    • Practice and Experiment: Use the remaining time in Set 11 to experiment with different strategies and team compositions. This will help you adapt quickly to the new meta when Set 12 arrives.
    • Connect with the Community: Join TFT communities and forums to share insights, ask questions, and learn from other players. This can provide valuable tips and tricks to boost your performance.

    TFT Set 11: Inkborn Fables is projected to end on July 31, 2024, paving the way for the exciting new content in Set 12. With various game modes and events to enjoy until then, there's plenty to keep players engaged. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to boost your Teamfight Tactics experience as we transition to the next set.


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