October 12, 2023

TFT Patch 13.20: Mortdog sending out Buffs, Nerfs, and Portal Mix-Ups

Welcome one-and-all, from Aatrox Combat Caster abusers to Vertical Challengers lovers! Time to take a look at the latest Teamfight Tactics (TFT) patch, 13.20. Riot Games just dropped this bad boy with some extra fun changes to shake things up.

TFT Patch 13.20 short version banner

Bilgewater, rejoice! Gangplank is getting buffed, and his weird boat interactions are now fixed, while Ashe is getting nerfed to her rightful place as a support Vanquisher. But the real star of the show here is the Region Portal reworks. They've mashed up different arenas to create some fresh battlegrounds, making things more interesting.

Mortdog is smoothing things out with Bilgewater to gradually increase their strength as you climb the ranks. The big boost for Bilgewater 9 is all about flat cannonball damage since you usually have a crew that can't make the most of that damage percentage stuff.

Those Multicaster squads have had it tough, relying on getting everyone to 3-star to unleash their spell power. Once they're fully stacked and maxed out, they can wipe the floor with their spells, but it's been a struggle to get there. To fix things up, Riot is tweaking individual champions, revamping the trait to give them more consistent power spikes at 2/3/4 Multicasters, and adding a little extra oomph for non-itemized Multicasters at Multicaster (4).

Going all-in on Multicaster (4) reroll will be the way to go, and with Twisted Fate and Sona getting some buffs, you might see 2/3 Multicaster mixed into other comps like Demacia, Bilgewater, and Sorcs. So, give those reroll strats and mix-ins a spin and tell us what you reckon!

Ionia's Emblem was boosting non-Ionia champions too far, especially considering its already-strong trait breakpoints, so they're taking away some of that Attack Speed.

Shurima's been having a rough time lately, and their main champ, Azir, hasn't been pulling his weight in Shurima-heavy and Strategist-heavy setups. Riot is throwing buffs their way, with the Strategist love aimed at the higher-tier 4 and 5 Strategist units.

As for Zaun, Riot is boosting up the Overcharged versions of each chem-mod to make sure all flavors of Zaun 4 and 6 are worth chasing after! Time to mix up those strategies and see how they pan out!

Portal Mashups

Normal (Unranked) games can now feature portal combinations. This fun addition will improve the entertainment focus of TFT for sure! Here's the list of the new portal mashups:

  • Beats by Scuttle: Scuttle Puddle + Jayce's Workshop
  • Foodfight Tactics: Bandle City Cafeteria + Marus Omegnum
  • Ionian Duet: God Willow's Grove + Placidium Library
  • Center Stage: House Lightshield + Hearth-Home + Placidium Library
  • Basement Show: The Sump + Stillwater Hold
  • Processional Dirge: Targon Prime + Yorick's Graveyard
  • VIP Lounge: Finn's Market + Warlord's Palace
  • Crescendo: Cardinal Arcology + Ecliptic Vaults
  • Chill Beats: Valar's Hollow + Hearth-Home + Ornn's Forge
  • Opening Act: The University + Ehrenmount
  • The Golden Era: Glasc Industries + Shuriman Bazaar
  • Rock'n'Rollin: Ixaocan + Slaughter Docks
  • High Notes: Rat Town + Yuumi's Zoom Zone
  • Battle of the Sands: Fleshing Arena + Shifting Sands
  • Ruptured Harmony: Travel to a random Remastered Portal location not currently shown.

Champion Buffs and Nerfs


  • They're leveling out Cho'Gath's bonus HP on kills across different star levels. This change should help him stay within the strength range of a 1-cost champ. Cho'Gath has been turning heads when he's fully maxed out at 3-stars, but it will also give a little boost to the humble 1-star Cho'Gath you sometimes throw onto the board just to reach those Void or Bruiser trait goals. This tweak will also make it less of a big deal whether you get a 2-star Cho'Gath early or a bit later in the game.
  • Now, let's talk about Orianna. She's been one of TFT's weakest 1-cost champs, mostly used for traits rather than being a star player. But Riot isn't heartless; they're giving her some buffs to make her cast more often with lower max mana and a faster attack speed. Maybe one day, Triple Guinsoo's Orianna will be a real girl.


  • Taliyah hasn't been living up to her potential, even in her Double Trouble setup. So, Riot is giving her a little damage boost as compensation after the Multicaster makeover. They aim to make her a more viable option in both Shurima and Multicaster comps.
  • As for Sett, right now, he's the star 2-cost champ in the game, shining bright in any dominant comp, the Ionia Vanquisher and Ashe Reroll squads make him virtually unstopable. His mix of utility and tankiness makes him an ideal unit to load up with items early on and a solid frontliner as the game goes on. This guy's a true game-changer!


  • Darius hasn't been the star reroll carry players want. But now, with an improved AD ratio, he's not only going to pack a punch when loaded up with AD items, but he'll also synergize better with the Noxus traits, maybe becoming the tanky executioner players need!
  • Nautilus is eyeing those Chain Vest and Negatron Cloak items you've been generously giving to Cho'Gath. He promises they'll do wonders for him too, and now that he's been buffed with more resistances and a way lower mana cost, he'll hook your heart if you give him a chance.
  • Rek'Sai's Achilles' heel has been breaking through those beefy frontline defenders. Her marked system helped, but it required hitting 3-stars to really make a difference. Now, her marks will stick around until the end of combat, not getting gobbled up in the next bite. This change should help her slice through those high armor tanks and Thornmail fanatics. To balance out this added power-up, and because her 3-star version was already performing well after the rework, Riot's toning down her initial bite's damage, especially at 3-stars.
  • Sona is taking on a new role as a utility carry, amping up your team's attack speed continually! Make sure to position her to boost your other Multicasters when you're rolling with Multicaster 4.


  • Aphelios is getting a little buff to his base AD, and while it might not make him a broken carry, it's definitely going to make Gunner setups more exciting!
  • Fiora's untargetable state during Blade Waltz has caused some pretty frustrating moments where you're left just twiddling your thumbs as your champs hold onto their skills. So, Riot is cutting the untargetable part and loading her up with a generous set of buffs to her stats, in this case, mana cost and AD ratio instead. She'll be more of a high-risk, high-reward champion.


  • The Darkin trait has always been pretty solid, but Aatrox hasn't exactly been the poster child for this passive trait, let alone a team carry. So, Riot's moving some of that Darkin buff juice over to Aatrox, aiming to make a world where Aatrox can be the star player, not a sacrificial lamb that you use to get your carry some extra Omnivamp.
  • Gangplank's most amazing moments are already pretty powerful, but his performance as a carry has been a bit hit or miss. Riot has been working on reducing those situations where his ship crashes without much impact, making him a more reliable captain, so now, whenever his target dies mid-cast, the ship will still sail!
  • In the last patch, Riot introduced a new and carry-focused upgrade for Heimerdinger called the Refractor Beam. It didn't quite light up the skies like they had hoped, only really shining after three dedicated upgrades. Now, Riot is boosting his early power and giving him an even more impressive triple-upgrade potential. So, go ahead and give it a spin!


Now, when it comes to Augments tied to traits, Riot's got some real hefty buffs coming for Adrenaline Rush (Juggernaut), Defensive Dash (Challenger), and Total Domination (Noxus).

These Augments just haven't been hitting the mark, even when you're all in on their respective trait-focused builds. Thanks to the Multicaster rework, Multicasters won't be throwing out spells as often.

But no worries, Riot's boosting the AP per cast for their trait-linked Augment, Perfect Repetition, so they can still hit that same power peak.

As for Shurima's Legacy, there was this little hiccup where the turret just couldn't resist shooting at random folks even after the player had bitten the dust. Now, it will be properly disabled.

Stellacorn Lightcharger Little Legend

TFT has been improving with every patch, and we can't wait for more. So pick up your favorite Little Legend and your double-up partner and go try out the new and improved traits Mortdog cooked up for us!

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