January 25, 2024

Best Team Compositions for Teamfight Tactics Set 3.5: Galaxies Revival

Dust off your space boots, tacticians, because with the drop of Teamfight Tactics Patch 14.2, we're taking off on a rocket ship headed right into the golden days of Teamfight Tactics 2020. The legendary TFT Set 3.5, also known as TFT: Galaxies, is back, and it's bringing back all the classics with a few added modern features. Here at GG Boost, we asked our highest-ranking Challenger TFT Boosters what the best strategy is and made a list for you! So, for both seasoned veterans and fresh recruits to the TFT battlefield, it's time to get to it. What are the best team comps for TFT Set 3.5 Revival?

Teamfight Tactics Return to the Stars

Me Mech: The Infiltrator Invasion!

Ah, the infamous Me Mech strat—everyone remembers this highlight from the TFT Galaxies set. This Infiltrator Mech-Pilot comp, lovingly nicknamed "Me Mech," is all about the ultimate super tank, the Mecha Garen, spinning into battle with Annie, Rumble, and Fizz riding shotgun. While the enemy fixates their attention on the Mech, you equip a three-star Shaco and let him slip into the backline, dismantling foes one by one.

Back in the day, the comp's Achilles' heel was its reroll nature. Everyone contested this strategy’s champions, which made hitting those coveted three-star Mech-Pilots and the comp's main carry, Shaco, a challenging task. "Me Mech, Me no Pivot" echoed at the start of many games as players couldn’t get enough of Mecha Garen. But now, with a champion pool size set to 50, it's free-for-all—you get a Mech! And you get a Mech!


Dark Star Jhin: Lighting Up the Battlefield!

For those who love simplicity with a dash of destruction, the Dark Star Jhin comp is a front-to-back powerhouse. The game plan is straightforward: build a robust frontline, fuel up a powerful backline carry, and watch the chaos unfold. Dark Star Jhin takes this formula and cranks it up to eleven.

The Dark Star trait provides a damage boost to every Dark Star champion every time an ally is eliminated. In a vertical trait like Dark Star, the synergy bots don't die in vain.

Dark Star Jhin

The goal? Hold back the enemy to buy time for Dark Star Jhin to get his stats upgraded, and he’ll clear the board. What makes this comp formidable is the array of secondary carries: Shaco, Xerath, and even Karma can step up if Jhin fails.


Blademasters: The Blade Bros!

It’s not often that we see vertical traits get an S-grade carry potential across the board, but in TFT Set 3.5, you can always count on the Vertical Blademaster comp. This lineup aims to close off rounds at breakneck speed, as the Blademaster trait triggers bonus attacks with each auto-attack. Add in the Chrono trait's accelerated attack speed, and you will be speedrunning TFT.

The choice of carry is up for debate, with Master Yi and Yasuo forming the infamous "Blade Bros" duo for the three-cost reroll option. Alternatively, Xayah can boost your backline, and Irelia is available for the traditional variant. Blade Brothers will unleash a flurry of blades that can counter pretty much any team comp, but is especially strong against ramp-up compositions.


As TFT Set 3.5 makes its return, it's time to brush up on these classic comps and forge your path to victory among the stars. From Me Mech's mechanical mayhem to Dark Star Jhin's celestial precision and the blade-clashing frenzy of Blademasters, the revived Galaxies set is taking us on a journey down memory lane and into deep space! Ready your champions, tacticians, and let’s take off with TFT Set 3.5!


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