July 08, 2024

Faker Wins League of Legends Esports World Cup: Boosts T1 Club Score

T1 once again proved their status as League of Legends gods by winning the Esports World Cup. With Faker leading the charge, this victory not only adds another trophy to their collection but also significantly boosts T1’s club score in the EWC. Let's dive into the details of this tournament and its impact on the esports community.

T1 vs Top Esports EWC

T1's Historic Win at the Esports World Cup

In a spectacular display of skill and strategy, T1 won the League of Legends title at the Esports World Cup. The World Champions, led by the legendary Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok, added yet another trophy to their impressive career. With a grand prize of $400,000 and 1,000 Club Championship points, T1's triumph is set to boost their standing in the esports world even further.

Faker: The Unstoppable Force

Faker’s leadership was instrumental in T1's victory. The team sailed through the playoffs, defeating three of the biggest names in LoL Esports: Bilibili, Team Liquid, and Top Esports. Despite the impressive win, the tournament saw a record-low viewership, likely due to its location and financial backing from Saudi Arabia. The peak viewership hit 1.1 million, a figure that pales in comparison to other major League of Legends events.

A Victory Marred by Low Viewership

Riot Games' late involvement in the Esports World Cup might have contributed to the lower-than-expected viewership. Nonetheless, T1’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. Last year, T1 won the League of Legends World Championship, marking Faker’s fourth Worlds title. His relentless drive and exceptional gameplay continue to be a major boost for the League of Legends community.

Top Esports' Initial Dominance

The grand finals started with a bang as Top Esports took the first game with a 12-4 scoreline. Many predicted that they would continue their dominant performance to secure a 3-0 win. However, Faker and his team had other plans. T1 bounced back in games 2 and 3, with Faker leading the charge, turning the tide in their favor.

Game 3 of the grand finals was particularly exciting. T1 dominated every teamfight, only for Top Esports’ 369 to land a quadra kill, briefly raising their hope for a comeback. T1 quickly regrouped, securing an 18-6 victory.

T1 EWC League of Legends

Game 4 started off close, but T1 pulled away in the later stages, finishing with a decisive 21-8 scoreline to clinch the series 3-1.

A Fitting End to the Tournament

The conclusion of the League of Legends category at the Esports World Cup was marked by an emotional celebration. Faker placed his key in the trophy before being joined by his teammates Zeus, Oner, Gumayusi, and Keria to ceremoniously lift it. This exciting series was a perfect finale, solidifying T1’s position at the top of the esports world and giving a significant boost to League of Legends.

T1’s victory at the Esports World Cup is more than just a win; it’s a testament to their hard work, strategy, and skill. This triumph is set to boost the League of Legends community, inspiring new players and teams to strive for excellence. With Faker at the helm, T1 continues to be a beacon of inspiration and a powerhouse in the competitive gaming scene.


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