February 05, 2024

What is the best website to sell my League of Legends Account?

Lots of players have LoL accounts they no longer need or want. Maybe you hand-leveled a League of Legends account, got a couple of rare skins from Hextech Chests, went through the gruesome process of boosting the account’s rank to Diamond, and now find yourself with a smurf account you no longer want to play in? Whether you’re just tired of League or want to turn this account into some extra cash, selling your account is always an option. However, choosing the best website to sell your League of Legends account can be challenging.

The first step is to find out how much your League of Legends account can be sold for. Let’s take a look at what you should keep in mind.

LoL Account Skin Collection

How much is my LoL Account worth?

Determining the worth of your League of Legends account involves various factors that can make its value shift, including your League of Legends Solo queue and Flex queue rank, owned champions, honor level, and cosmetics (such as skins).


Rank or ELO

The rank, or ELO (Diamond, Challenger, Master), significantly influences an account's price.

Higher ranks open the door to queues with top-tier competitors, meaning you don’t have to waste time climbing the ranks before you can play with people who match your skill level.



The number of champions unlocked can boost the price of your account way up, since it takes a very long time to farm the blue essence necessary to buy every champion.

Accounts with full champion pools get sold for higher prices. Having high Champion Mastery Levels also increases your account’s value.

Rune pages also contribute to the account's overall value.


Honor Level

High Honor levels are extremely rare, especially in high-ranking accounts, so having an account at Honor level 5 will boost the price of a League of Legends account or smurf account.

Positive in-game behavior, such as being a good teammate or displaying friendliness, will lead to increased honor levels.

Penalties like chat bans, temporary bans, or extended queue times will usually reset your Honor level as well, making it even harder to get an account carrying this feature.



Skin collection is a key factor in a League of Legends account's market value.

Rare skins, like the one-time-only PAX Twisted Fate, will boost the account's value by hundreds of dollars.

While one might underestimate the importance of skins, potential buyers often pay premium prices for accounts with exclusive and unobtainable skins.

LoL Rarest Skin King Rammus

In our extensive online research, checking reviews, website layouts, and customers’ opinions, we've compiled the top three best websites to sell your League of Legends account. These platforms offer you the highest safety level, a loyal user base, and several different payment options for the sellers’ and buyers’ convenience.


What are the best websites to buy League of Legends Accounts?


PlayerAuctions.com stands as one of the oldest and most reliable gaming marketplaces, catering to various games for years.

It serves as an attractive option for selling League of Legends accounts, providing a platform for players looking to sell one or multiple accounts.

It's important to note that registration as a seller and posting for-sale offers are free, but a small transaction fee is charged upon a successful sale.

Notably, PlayerAuctions offers an anti-ban policy, ensuring buyers that if an account faces a ban shortly after purchase, they will receive a replacement account.

Original Pax Jax Skin


Fiverr, a well-known online marketplace, has become a common hub for gamers seeking to monetize their gaming accomplishments.

While Fiverr caters to various services related to League of Legends, including account selling, elo boosting, and coaching, it functions in a unique way when compared to typical LoL-related marketplaces.

Sellers on Fiverr create "Gigs" to inform visitors of the services they offer, with titles clearly stating the intention to sell League of Legends accounts.

Fiverr has always been a trustworthy platform offering a different approach to account transactions, but we would always recommend choosing a buyer or seller with a good review record.



IGVault.com is an excellent choice for selling League of Legends accounts, providing an added security boost for buyers that’s exclusive to their service.

The platform offers an impressive 45-day warranty for buyers, ensuring compensation in case of an account ban within this period.

With recorded transactions reaching a high of $1,200 for a single account with discontinued and exclusive skins and Gemstones, IGVault is a lucrative opportunity for sellers.

Sellers should be aware that the competitive nature of this marketplace might mean you need to wait and hunt for the best offer, but we personally feel that this adds to the excitement of the experience.

 If you're a Valorant player, check out the best websites to sell your Valorant account.

Now, you should be ready for the next step: choosing the right platform to sell your League of Legends account.


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