March 26, 2024

League of Legends: Olaf Stat Boost Puts the Viking Back in the Jungle

League of Legends is getting huge changes, and the biggest one so far will affect Olaf in patch 14.7, as Riot Games aims to bring the fearsome viking back into the jungle. As an ever-evolving game, League of Legends regularly introduces massive patches featuring gameplay balancing updates and releasing new skins, ensuring players remain engaged and immersed in the competitive landscape. With Olaf set to be the aim of Riot’s most recent changes, dedicated Olaf mains must adapt to redefined gameplay styles and learn the builds to steamroll the jungle as the Viking warrior.

League of Legends Olaf

Olaf, the Berserker, stands as one of League of Legends' oldest champions, renowned for his resilience in combat and regarded as a game-changer on the battlefield. He’s a champion who always had a robust HP bar, and, wielding the formidable Ragnarok ultimate ability, Olaf strikes fear into the hearts of any team as he unleashes his warrior rage, granting him a huge movement speed boost and immunity to crowd control effects. For years, Olaf was regarded as the bane of ADCs, since he was impossible to stop even in a traditional front-to-back teamfight. Over time, Olaf has changed, along with the game’s core mechanics and meta, transitioning from a skirmishing jungler to a dominant lane bully in the top lane.

In recent years, Olaf's dominance in the top lane has become increasingly notable, with his role evolving to prioritize harassment and itemization for lane dominance and dueling. However, with power farming junglers falling out of favor and Olaf's ganking potential lacking compared to other champions, Riot Games now seeks to realign Olaf with his original jungle role to create space in gameplay strategies and champion compositions for the Vikings to shine once more.

Patch 14.7 is coming any day now, and Riot Games has started testing the boost they’re granting Olaf in the Public Beta Environment (PBE), showing that their efforts are set to transition him back to the jungle as quickly as possible. At this rate, we might see Olaf as a "pick-or-ban" jungler in the MSI 2024. These changes include the following adjustments to Olaf's abilities:

  • Undertow (Q): Olaf's Q ability will now deal bonus damage to monsters, boosting his jungle clear speed and bolstering his effectiveness in the jungle environment.
  • Tough It Out (W): This change extends the duration of Olaf's attack speed boost from his W ability, but it also increases the mana cost. This change aims to address Olaf's mana management issues in the top lane while incentivizing his return to the jungle.
  • Reckless Swing (E): Olaf's E ability will receive an increased cooldown refund against monsters, further enhancing his jungle clear efficiency and enabling smoother transitions between jungle camps.
  • Ragnarok (R): Olaf's ultimate ability will get tons of changes, including a mana cost increase, modifications to bonus attack damage values, and an enhancement to movement speed bonuses. These changes aim to balance Olaf's power level while reinforcing his viability as a jungle pick.

The implementation of these changes reflects League of Legends’s evolving meta, which affects everyone’s gameplay experiences, and Riot aims to ensure the continued relevance of all champions across various roles and playstyles. While these adjustments are subject to further testing and refinement, once patch 14.7 drops on live servers, Olaf's role within the League of Legends meta will change significantly.

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