March 06, 2024

Who is Competing in the League of Legends MSI 2024?

Season 14 is promising to be a game-changer for League of Legends esports, and the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2024 stands as a main event, drawing attention from fans worldwide. Let's dive into the details of the teams set to compete in this prestigious tournament, as well as the huge changes that have reshaped its competitive structure.

The New Face of MSI 2024

Firstly, it’s crucial to acknowledge the revamped format of MSI 2024, injecting heightened competition as teams strive not only for MSI glory but also for a coveted ticket to Worlds 2024.

G2 Esports takes the lead, securing their position as the first team to grace this year’s Mid-Season Invitational.

G2 Esports earned their spot by emerging victorious in the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) Winter 2024 playoffs, successfully defending their title, and showcasing their dominance on the international stage. Their automatic qualification solidifies their presence at MSI and sets the stage for a thrilling competition.

MSI 2024 G2 Esports

Who is qualified for the MSI 2024?

As we navigate through the list of teams qualified for MSI 2024, it’s important to note that some changes have been made for 2024. The LJL, or League of Legends Japan League has integrated the PCS playoffs, changing the qualification dynamics for this region. As a result, the LJL no longer possesses a direct spot at the MSI event. This could boost the chances that the PCS performs better in the major tournament because they will have an extra layer of competitiveness.

Now, let’s explore the league-wise breakdown of qualified teams for MSI 2024:

EMEA - Europe, Middle East and Africa (LEC):

  • LEC Winter 2024 champion: G2 Esports
  • LEC Spring 2024 champion: Fnatic

Korea (LCK):

  • LCK Spring 2024 champion: Gen.G
  • LCK Spring 2024 runner-up: T1

China (LPL):

  • LPL Spring 2024 champion: Bilibili Gaming
  • LPL Spring 2024 runner-up: Top Esports

North America (LCS):

  • LCS Spring 2024 champion: Team Liquid
  • LCS Spring 2024 runner-up: Flyquest

Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau/Southeast Asia/Oceania (PCS):

  • PCS Spring 2024 champion: PSG Talon

Vietnam (VCS):

  • VCS Spring 2024 champion: GAM Esports

Brazil (CBLOL):

  • CBLOL Split 1 2024 champion: LOUD

Latin America (LLA):

  • LLA Opening Season 2024 champion: Estral Esports


(Updated April 2024)

What is the MSI?

Riot Games strategically organizes the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) between the spring and summer splits of various regional leagues.

MSI 2024

It serves as a mid-year international showdown, highlighting top teams as they demonstrate their skills on a global stage.

The significant shift in MSI 2024 lies in the guaranteed Worlds qualification for the winning team, elevating the stakes and offering a direct pathway to the grand culmination of the season, Worlds 2024.

Notably, the region with the second-best performance at MSI earns an additional seed for their league, enhancing the competitive dynamics across regions.

League of Legends Worlds 2024

Riot Games has revealed the key developments within the League of Legends competitive gaming ecosystem for the 2024 season, beyond the realm of MSI. The League of Legends World Championship Finals 2024 are set to take place in London, England, with various stages hosted in distinct European locations.

A groundbreaking addition comes in the form of the ‘Hall of Legends,’ a platform to celebrate extraordinary contributions to the League of Legends scene. The first inductee, to be revealed this year (although we all know it’s Faker), will undergo a celebration both in the real world and within the game. An independent voting panel, featuring esports industry veterans and experts from every region, will determine this prestigious honor.

Together with these announcements, Riot Games has introduced big competitive changes to MSI, fortifying its position as a main event in the League of Legends calendar. The winner will get a huge competitive boost by guaranteeing a spot at Worlds 2024, creating a direct bridge between the mid-season tournament and Season 14’s grand finale.

Mark your calendars for May 1st–19th, 2024, when Chengdu, China, will host this global gathering of elite teams in the LoL MSI 2024. Following this, the League of Legends World Championship will happen between September 25th and November 2nd, promising a year of unprecedented competition and celebration within the League of Legends community.


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