May 17, 2024

Aurora, the Next League of Legends Champion

It’s been around four months since the last champion release in League of Legends, and the community is growing impatient. There are now rumors and speculations about a new potential champion named Aurora. Clues and leaks have been trickling in, suggesting that this character might soon boost the expansive roster of champions. Here’s a detailed look at everything we know about Aurora so far.

League of Legends Aurora

Aurora Leaks and Data Mining

On May 14, 2024, data miners discovered a new emote in the game files titled “Spirit of the Hearth.” This emote features a new character with distinct characteristics: brown hair, circular glasses, and a freckled face. The emote depicts the character writing in a small notepad, clad in a winterized jacket with a fur-lined hood. The game files named the character in the emote Aurora, leading to speculation that they could be the next champion to appear.

AuroraMains Subreddit

Another significant clue supporting the theory of Aurora being the next champion is the existence of an AuroraMains subreddit on Reddit. Riot Games frequently creates such subreddits for upcoming League of Legends champions, despite currently locking this subreddit from public access. Riot Games has reserved subreddits such as SmolderMains and HweiMains in advance for the release of new champions. This locked subreddit suggests that Riot is preparing for Aurora's introduction.

Hints from Riot’s Teasers and Roadmaps

Players have been linking Aurora's possible release to previous teasers and roadmaps provided by Riot Games. At the beginning of the year, Riot hinted that the next champion after Smolder would be a “Vastayan solo-laning mid-range mage.” If the rumors are true, this description matches Aurora.

Moreover, in the October 2023 LoL champion roadmap, Riot mentioned that the upcoming champion would hail from the Freljord, one of the harshest and coldest regions in the game. Riot describes the new champion as traveling across the tundra to "see what others think is not there." This description fits the visual appearance of the emote, with Aurora’s winterized attire hinting at a connection to the Freljord.

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Based on the emote and Riot's hints, Aurora is likely to be a character deeply connected to the Freljord. The detailed description of her attire and her activity—writing in a notepad—suggests a thoughtful and observant personality. The emote’s name, “Spirit of the Hearth,” could imply a connection to warmth and home, possibly indicating a role or abilities centered around protection or healing.

Aurora's Abilities and Role

If Aurora is indeed the "Vastayan solo-laning mid-range mage," as teased, we can expect her abilities to be designed for mid-lane gameplay. In League of Legends, the Vastaya are known for their magical powers and deep connection to nature, which might translate into unique, visually stunning abilities. Given her possible Freljordian origin, her skillset might include ice or snow-themed abilities, further emphasizing her connection to the tundra.

The League community is piecing together these clues, with some speculating that Aurora might have abilities that interact with the environment or provide utility through her notepad, possibly documenting and using enemy weaknesses or battlefield conditions to boost herself in battle. The focus on her winter attire and writing could also suggest abilities that involve creating or modifying terrain, a mechanic that is relatively underexplored in League of Legends.

While Riot Games has yet to officially confirm Aurora’s existence or details, the clues and leaks provide a compelling case for her being the next champion in League of Legends. The combination of data-mined information, the creation of the AuroraMains subreddit, and the alignment with Riot’s previous teasers all point towards Aurora’s impending release in LoL. Fans will need to stay tuned for more updates from Riot in the coming months to see if these rumors come to fruition.

For now, Aurora remains a fascinating mystery, with the potential to bring new and exciting gameplay elements to the game. Whether she will embody the spirit of the Freljord with icy abilities or offer unique mid-lane mechanics, Aurora is a name that League of Legends players should keep an eye on as we move closer to her possible release.


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