November 20, 2023

League of Legends Hwei Splash Art

Riot Reveals New Champion Hwei During League of Legends Worlds Finals

Excitement filled the air at the League of Legends World Championship final right after T1 defeated WBG to become the League of Legends 2023 World Champions. Riot Games unveiled their latest creation, Hwei. A mage destined for the mid lane, Hwei promises to boost the role’s dynamic in League of Legends. The mid lane, previously lacking a prominent human male mage, is now set to witness the arrival of Hwei, a champion with intricacy woven into every fiber of his being. Let's delve into the details of Hwei's abilities, his role in the game, and what players can expect from this highly anticipated addition.

Hwei's Role and Design

As a mage tailored for the mid lane, Hwei fills a crucial void in the LoL landscape. Not only does he add diversity to the champion pool, but he also introduces a layer of complexity, setting him apart as one of the more intricate champions in this pivotal position. With Riot Games striving to fulfil their commitment of granting more diverse champions to the community, Hwei emerges as a welcome addition, offering players a unique and engaging experience in the mid lane.

Hwei’s lore is deeply connected to Jhin, as teased in his announcement trailer, and according to the lore nerds out there, he might be connected to the demon that caused a cataclysmic event in the southern region of Ionia, leaving it as a barren wasteland.

Hwei Abilities Overview

League of Legends Hwei Abilities

Hwei's arsenal comprises three sets of basic abilities, each housing three distinct spells.If you’ve played Evoker in Dota 2, then you’re ready to start playing Hwei as well.

To boost the element of strategy, using one ability from a set triggers cooldowns for only the first selected spell.

This design compels players to make strategic choices based on the situation at hand.

Q - Disaster Abilities (Damage):

  • Q+Q - Devastating Fire: Launches a fireball that explodes on impact, dealing area damage.
  • Q+W - Severing Bolt: Sends a delayed strike, dealing increased damage to immobilized or isolated enemies.
  • Q+E - Molten Fissure: Releases a line of lava, slowing enemies upon contact.

W - Serenity Abilities (Sustain):

  • W+Q - Fleeting Current: Paints a movement speed line on the map to boost Hwei and his allies.
  • W+W - Pool of Reflection: Bestows an immediate shield to allied champions within its area.
  • W+E - Stirring Lights: Grants Hwei an attack buff for bonus damage and mana gain on hitting opponents.

E - Torment Abilities (Crowd Control):

  • E+Q - Grim Visage: Causes the first enemy hit to flee.
  • E+W - Gaze of the Abyss: Locks onto the closest champion, rooting them after a short delay.
  • E+E - Crushing Maw: Grabs enemies caught inside, pulling them to the center.

If you press the first button and want to cancel the cast, you can press R to reset.

R - Spiralling Despair: Launches an orb that attaches to an enemy champion, dealing damage per second and slowing enemies in its expanding radius. The orb eventually explodes, inflicting additional damage.

LoL Hwei teaser splash art

When is Hwei being released on League of Legends?

Hwei is set to make his debut with the upcoming League of Legends patch 13.24, expected to roll out in the coming weeks. As players eagerly anticipate his arrival, the mid lane landscape is sure to witness a paradigm shift with Hwei's complex set of abilities and unique playstyle.

With Hwei's introduction, League of Legends enthusiasts have something extraordinary to look forward to. Riot Games continues to innovate and diversify the gaming experience, ensuring that every player finds a champion that resonates with their playstyle. As patch 13.24 approaches, the League of Legends community braces for the impact of Hwei, the mage set to redefine the mid lane and captivate players with his intricate abilities. Get ready for a new era in the League of Legends universe, where Hwei takes center stage as a testament to Riot Games' commitment to evolving and enriching their beloved game.

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