June 09, 2024

Imagine Dragons Have Been Late to Shows Because of League of Legends

Imagine Dragons and League of Legends have held one of the most successful partnerships in gaming history, but did you know that the band's frontman, Dan Reynolds, is an avid gamer? In a recent interview, Reynolds shared his deep passion for gaming and how it sometimes even affects their concert schedules. Let’s dive into how League of Legends has become a significant part of Imagine Dragons' world and what this means for their music and collaborations.

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Dan Reynolds: A Gamer at Heart

Dan Reynolds, the lead vocalist of Imagine Dragons, recently opened up about his love for gaming in an interview. Despite his busy schedule as a musician, Reynolds and his bandmates are dedicated gamers, often getting so engrossed in their LoL matches that they've been late to their own shows.

"We’ve been late onstage because we’re playing League of Legends,"

Reynolds admitted, highlighting just how much this game is present in their daily lives as a relaxing ritual before hitting a big stage.

Imagine Dragons Warriors

The Intersection Between Music and Gaming

Imagine Dragons has a rich history of collaborating with various gaming companies. Commercials for brands such as Ubisoft, Epic Games, Nintendo, and Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, have featured their music. This relationship with the gaming industry began about a decade ago when they performed alongside Nintendo composer Koji Kondo at the Game Awards in Las Vegas. For Reynolds, this was a dream come true, given his admiration for Kondo's work on Super Mario World.

League of Legends and Beyond

The band's association with League of Legends is particularly strong, with the band’s enthusiasm boosting their personal connection to the developers. Riot Games has often reached out to them for collaborations, which Reynolds finds incredibly exciting. Despite his “giga-chad” appearance, Reynolds admits that he’s also a gamer at heart.

"People probably think I’m not a gamer, but it’s my bread and butter. It's our world,"

League of Legends Imagine Dragons

He said, underscoring his deep connection to the gaming community.

New Imagine Dragons Album

Besides their gaming sessions, Imagine Dragons are also preparing to release their new album, "Loom," on June 28. Reynolds shared that the inspiration behind their latest material comes from a place of happiness and health. Drawing influences from legendary singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, and Paul Simon, the band aims to create big choruses and pop songs that resonate with their current positive mindset.

Imagine Dragons' role in the gaming world isn't limited to playing games. Their music has been used to boost League of Legends events and our collective gaming experiences for years. By collaborating with major gaming brands, they've managed to merge their two passions seamlessly. This cross-industry collaboration not only promotes video-game music but also brings their art to a broader audience.

Dan Reynolds and Imagine Dragons are proof of how music and gaming can coexist harmoniously. Their love for League of Legends has not only influenced their schedules, but also led them to our gaming setups. As they gear up for their new album release, fans can look forward to more intersections between their music and the gaming community. Stay tuned for more gaming updates and news!


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