April 03, 2024

League of Legends Patch 14.7 Notes: Skarner VGU, Volibear Nerfs

Riot Games has rolled out the patch notes for League of Legends patch 14.7, featuring huge adjustments to champion balance. The update hit live servers today, March 3, and addresses longstanding issues while adding some exciting content for players to enjoy.

LoL Patch 14.7 Notes

The highlights for patch 14.7 include the long-awaited Skarner VGU and the much-needed nerf to Volibear, a champion known for his dominance in solo queue games. His Q ability, Thundering Smash, now interacts differently with Sundered Sky. Critical strikes will now only affect his attack damage, rather than increasing his total ability damage. Additionally, his ultimate ability, Stormbringer, got a big cooldown increase, making him less oppressive in matches.

On the flip side, Camille is getting a couple of comprehensive buffs aimed at restoring her viability in the top lane, where she truly belongs. Since the map underwent changes earlier this year, Camille's performance in the top lane has dwindled, with fewer walls she can grapple with. As a result, they've relegated her to a support role, which is significantly less engaging.

To address this, her Q ability now provides increased movement speed and boasts a reduced cooldown at later levels. Additionally, her W ability is getting a boost in base damage for the outer cone. However, Riot is slightly reducing the damage of her E ability to prevent her from becoming overly dominant as a support.

In the full patch notes, the development team also acknowledges that Camille may require a larger rework in the future, especially given the changes to the map. As a result, players can anticipate seeing more adjustments for Camille in the upcoming patches as the team works to refine her gameplay experience.

The biggest update Riot is releasing with League of Legends Patch 14.7, the Skarner rework, or VGU, is finally here!

Skarner, now known as the Primordial Sovereign, holds a prominent position as one of the founding members of Ixtal's ruling class in the League of Legends lore. Shrouded in powerful elemental magic, Ixtal, an isolationist nation, conceals itself from the outside world, a fact only the elite Yun Tal knows and keeps as a secret from the Ixtali people. Skarner, fiercely dedicated to safeguarding his people, spares no effort in repelling the emerging threats to Ixtal.

Cosmic Skarner

Here's a breakdown of Skarner's new abilities, which revolve around merging his formidable strength with the intricate manipulation of elemental forces:

Passive - Threads of Vibration:

Skarner's attacks, including Shattered Earth, Upheaval, and Impale, inflict Quaking upon enemies. When enemies accumulate three stacks of Quaking, they suffer damage over time based on a percentage of their maximum health.

Q - Shattered Earth/Upheaval:

Skarner extracts a rock from the ground, boosting his next three attacks with increased damage, range, and attack speed. Upon the third attack, he hurls the rock at his target, inflicting significant bonus damage and slowing them. Alternatively, Skarner can recast Upheaval to launch the rock as a projectile, exploding upon impact with the first enemy hit and applying the same damage and slow.

W - Seismic Bastion:

Skarner erects a shield around himself and slams the ground, unleashing a shockwave that damages and slows nearby enemies.

E - Ixtal's Impact:

Skarner charges forward, traversing obstacles and seizing the first enemy champion or large monster he collides with. He can then carry them for a short distance, dealing damage and stunning them upon collision with terrain.

R - Impale:

Skarner impales up to three enemy champions, dealing damage and suppressing them. He gains a burst of movement speed for a brief duration and carries the impaled champions alongside him until the effect concludes.

League of Legends Patch 14.7 is one of the largest updates to hit live servers in Season 14, and it’s live now across all servers, so get yourself a LoL Elo Booster and hit the Summoner’s Rift!


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