March 26, 2024

Nvidia Driver Crash Costs Virtus.Pro the PGL Copenhagen Major

A brutal turn of events left the CS2 community enraged, costing a much-coveted spot in the PGL Copenhagen playoffs. In a heart-wrenching disaster of a match,'s journey in the CS2 Major came to an unexpected end caused by a devastating game crash caused by the hardware intended to boost the performance of Counter-Strike 2 during this tournament, as promised by the PGL. All of this happened during a critical match against G2 on March 24.

Virtus.Pro Copenhagen Major

After securing a victory in the first map of the series, found themselves locked in a fierce battle against G2 on Inferno, with both teams tightly tied at 11-11 heading into the vital final rounds that would decide the destiny of these teams in the first ever Counter-Strike 2 Major. In the tie-breaker 23rd round, managed to plant the bomb on the B site, setting the stage for a nail-biting showdown. However, no one expected what would happen next, as's captain, Dzhami “Jame” Ali, was faced with a game-breaking issue as his CS2 client suddenly crashed.

The sudden crash forced Jame's character model out into the open, leaving him vulnerable to a full assault from the G2 squad, who swiftly capitalized on the opportunity, taking down their opponent without a moment of hesitation. With deprived of Jame's AWP to bolster their post-plant defense, and two players already weakened by the shots they took when trying to avoid the elimination, the team found themselves overwhelmed in a 3v4 scenario. Despite their huge efforts, were no match against G2's defense, ultimately conceding the round and giving away a crucial lead to their opponents.

With their momentum shattered and resources depleted, faced an uphill battle in the final round, armed with a weakened arsenal, a money deficit that didn’t allow them to boost their weapons, and little hope of a comeback. Despite their resilience, could not overcome G2's powerful defense, succumbing to defeat on Inferno with a score of 13-11.

The disappointment continued for as they struggled to regain their footing on Anubis, the series decider that followed the controversial defeat on Inferno. CS2 depends on more than aim, and the motivation lacked after a loss that may well have been caused by a hardware failure sealed their fate. G2, on the other hand, were on fire, with the previous victory boosting their will. Falling victim to a relentless attack from G2, suffered a devastating loss, ultimately bringing an end to their aspirations at the PGL Copenhagen Major.

In the aftermath of the game crash on Inferno, PGL released a statement attributing the technical malfunction to an NVIDIA driver crash, which resulted in the game crash.

Despite the unfortunate turn of events,'s captain, Jame, refrained from placing the blame on the CS2 Major organizers during the post-match interview, acknowledging G2's deserved victory and emphasizing the team's collective struggles throughout the stage.

CS2 G2 Esports

While's captain maintained composure, fans across social media platforms expressed outrage and frustration over the incident, labeling the game crash "ridiculous" and questioning the integrity of official tournament PCs in such crucial moments. Some fans outright blamed the PGL for not restarting the match after the game crash. As PGL continues its investigation into the matter, the CS2 community remains vigilant, hopeful for measures to prevent similar incidents in future tournaments.


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