April 04, 2024

Counter-Strike 2's Best Features in 2024 - Part 1

CS2's first big tournament, the PGL Copenhagen Major, has just ended, with Navi taking the crown and becoming the first Counter-Strike 2 champions ever! Now it's time to take a look at how far Counter-Strike 2 has come since its debut. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer eager to explore the latest features and improvements in CS2, this two-part guide is tailored for you. Let's take a look at the features that make Counter-Strike 2 the game you should be playing in 2024.

24 Maximum Rounds in Comp

Counter-Strike 2 has redefined the dynamics of competitive play with its adoption of the MR12 format. This format streamlines the gameplay, requiring teams to secure victory in just 13 rounds out of a maximum of 24. Shorter matches in CS2 mean every round counts more, leading to intense and engaging gameplay. Furthermore, the introduction of overtime has proven to be a huge adrenaline boost for competitive league fans and spectators.

“CS Rating” Player Rank

CS:GO players never had access to a precise evaluation of their performance; however, in CS2, Valve has introduced the "CS Rating" metric to fix this. CS Rating offers players a numerical rating based on their in-game results instead of the traditional competitive ranks. By participating in premier mode matches in Counter-Strike 2, players can now gauge their skill level more accurately and compete for placement on global and regional leaderboards.

It's a lot more motivating to watch your rating score increase with every win or soar quickly to the top when you buy a CS2 boost.

CS2 Inspect Molotov

Inspect Grenades Feature

Counter-Strike 2 introduced an enhancement to the game's "Inspect" feature. Players can now examine their arsenal of grenades, including smoke, flash, HE, or decoy grenades. This provides enthusiasts with a closer look at the details of each grenade type. Notably, with the engine receiving updates as well, the graphical fidelity and object physics during grenade inspection are truly impressive. 

Observing the behavior of the liquid inside a Molotov grenade in accordance with gravity showcases Source 2’s physics, reminiscent of the immersion experienced in games like Half Life: Alyx.

Updated Buy Menu UI

Counter-Strike 2 brought us a revamped buy menu interface; the wheel menu format from CS:GO is gone. Inspired by the Danger Zone update of 2018, where players accessed a tablet for purchasing weapons, the new grid-style UI offers a streamlined and intuitive shopping experience. Additionally, players now have the ability to sell their weapons, like in Valorant.

New Loadout System for Choosing Guns

Counter-Strike 2 introduces an overhauled loadout system, offering players more flexibility in selecting their weapons. The system categorizes guns into three distinct categories: pistols, mid-range weapons, and rifles. This revamp allows players to tailor their loadouts to suit their playstyle and strategic preferences. For instance, Counter-Terrorists now have the option to wield both the M4A1-S and M4A4, expanding their tactical choices. Also, players can now mix and match weapons like the R8 Revolver and Deagle to create personalized loadouts for both Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist roles, boosting both sides of the game with the same odds.

Source 2 Game Engine

Counter-Strike 2 adopted the Source 2 game engine. While its predecessor, CS:GO, relied on the Source engine since its debut in 2012, the transition to Source 2 is a huge upgrade, and Counter-Strike 2 not only receives a visual boost but also benefits from new features. Notably, the Source 2 engine powers acclaimed titles like Half-Life: Alyx, highlighting its capabilities beyond visual fidelity.

Anti-Cheat Ends Matches

The upgraded anti-cheat system, VAC Live, in Counter-Strike 2 aims to identify and address cheaters in ongoing matches. With this new system in place, if a player is detected using cheats such as aimbots or wallhacks, they will be instantly banned, leading to the termination of the match. While reminiscent of features seen in other games like Valorant, it's important to note that VAC Live operates differently, not functioning at the kernel level like Vanguard anti-cheat.

CS2 Anti-Cheat

New Sub-Tick System

Valve addressed CS:GO’s network issues with the implementation of a revolutionary Sub-Tick Engine in Counter-Strike 2. Designed to mitigate inconsistencies stemming from varying latencies among players, this innovative system promises a more responsive gaming experience. By precisely tracking player movement and shot registration, the Sub-Tick System enhances crucial gameplay mechanics such as peeking, jumping, and shooting. This advancement marks a significant leap forward from the conventional '64-tick' netcode design, setting Counter-Strike 2 apart in multiplayer FPS gaming.

CS2 Mirage

New and Reworked Maps

Counter-Strike 2 breathed new life into classic maps with comprehensive visual overhauls, leveraging the capabilities of the Source 2 Engine. Familiar battlegrounds like Dust 2 and Mirage received visual boosts and quality upgrades, as well as updated props and models. Valve categorizes map updates into three tiers, Upgrade, Overhaul, and Touchstone, each representing varying degrees of transformation, from subtle enhancements to complete rebuilds.

Dynamic Smokes

The ultimate standout feature in Counter-Strike 2 is the revamped smoke grenades, offering a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience. These smokes, unlike their predecessors, exhibit volumetric properties, resembling realistic plumes of smoke that interact with gunfire and explosions. Players now have the ability to alter smoke's trajectory through strategic actions, introducing new competitive dimensions to tactical gameplay.

Now get out there, check out these amazing features, shoot a couple of bullets into a smoke cloud, and stay tuned for Part 2!


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