November 17, 2023

Apex Legends Players Find Game-Breaking Bug in Three Strikes LTM

The Apex Legends community, while enjoying the chaos brought by the Three Strikes Limited-Time Mode (LTM) introduced during the Post Malone collaboration event, has found a potentially game-breaking bug that’s very easy to exploit. The LTM, universally celebrated by the Apex Legends community for injecting a boost of pure, unadulterated fun back into the battle royale Apex Games, now faces a concerning glitch that threatens to undermine the game mode’s core mechanics.

What is the Apex Legends Three Strikes LTM?

Apex Legends Three Strikes LTM

Shared by a Reddit user named MirageGod in a post titled "So this is a thing in Three Strikes..." a brief video demonstrates the discovered exploit. In the footage, a squad encounters a downed enemy Lifeline on Broken Moon. Not wanting to let the opportunity go to waste, the squad proceeds to melee the incapacitated player into a pit. Here lies the heart of the problem.

When a player falls into a pit while downed, automatic jets typically activate to provide them with an opportunity to boost back onto solid ground before facing elimination. However, in this instance, the jets activated for the downed player, but their damage immunity was inexplicably removed. Due to this bug, the enemy squad can take advantage of their vulnerability, eliminating the downed player during their supposed immunity phase.

The exploit has gained a lot of exposure already, which has stirred concerns within the Apex Legends community. Players fear that if Respawn Entertainment decides to make the Three Strikes LTM a permanent game mode, this glitch could evolve into a significant problem. 

Apex Legends X Post Malone Three Strikes LTM

One Reddit user expressed their worries, stating:

"I hope Respawn sees this if they're considering putting it on mix tape after the event is over; it seems like a massive oversight."

Another player in the comments section shared an instance where they were able to perform a finisher on a downed player within the Three Strikes LTM. These reports further fuel the community's worries about the potential repercussions of exploits in limited-time modes.

As players bring attention to this newfound glitch, the community hopes that Respawn Entertainment will swiftly address the issue in an upcoming patch, particularly if Three Strikes becomes a permanent addition, boosting the Mix Tape LTM rotation. The collective sentiment is a desire for a seamless and fair gameplay experience, free from exploits that can tarnish the enjoyment of this beloved battle royale.

The discovery of this exploit in the Three Strikes LTM emphasizes the delicate balance game developers must maintain to ensure a positive player experience. As the community waits for a patch or hotfix, the hope is that Respawn Entertainment will quickly solve the issue, allowing players to continue embracing the chaotic fun that the Three Strikes mode initially promised.

As the Apex Legends X Post Malone event continues, with a lot of content still to uncover, the Apex Community firmly holds their space as one of the most cooperating and helpful gaming communities out there, and Respawn Entertainment will, without a doubt, reward them with a quick fix.

Stay tuned for more Apex Legends news and updates!

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