March 27, 2024

How to get the Cobalt Deathbox in Apex Legends Shadow Society

The Apex Legends Shadow Society Event has just started, offering players a chance to get a fresh array of premium cosmetics imbued with a mafia aesthetic. With a diverse selection of 36 cosmetic items available now, including a universal Heirloom Weapon and the exclusive and drop-dead gorgeous Cobalt Deathbox, this event represents another milestone in Respawn's amazing boosts to the game's customization options.

The Event Packs are the heart of the Shadow Society Event. They are specialized Apex Packs that guarantee one random item from the event's gargantuan loot pool.

Unlike previous Collection Events, the pricing structure for Shadow Society Event Packs is dynamic, with costs escalating as players acquire more packs. The initial pack is available for free, with subsequent packs priced at varying rates, ranging from 100 to 1,000 Apex Coins or 1,650 Crafting Metals per pack.

Apex Shadow Society

The event's premium skin collection encompasses legendary and epic-tier items, accessible exclusively through Event Packs. Here’s what you can get from the Apex Legends Shadow Society event packs:

Legendary-tier items (Event Packs only):

  • Speakeasy Revenant Legend skin
  • Wistful Wiseguy Ballistic Legend skin
  • Prying Eye Horizon Legend skin
  • The Hound Bloodhound Legend skin
  • Hired Muscle Mad Maggie Legend skin
  • Queenpin Lifeline Legend skin
  • Relentless Pursuit G7 Scout weapon skin
  • The Ultimatum Nemesis weapon skin
  • Death's Door Wingman weapon skin
  • Insurance Policy Volt SMG weapon skin
  • Badda-Bing EVA-8 weapon skin
  • The Negotiator CAR SMG weapon skin
  • Nexus Typewriter R-301 weapon skin
  • With Interest 30-30 Repeater weapon skin
  • Capital Gains Devotion weapon skin
  • Shadow Society Legendary Sticker Set 1
  • Shadow Society Legendary Sticker Set 2

Epic tier items (Event Packs only):

  • Pin Striped Seer Legend skin
  • Gilded Noire Bangalore Legend skin
  • Fell Omen Catalyst Legend skin
  • Money Maker Mastiff weapon skin
  • Winning Offer R-99 weapon skin
  • Dealbreaker Sentinel weapon skin
  • The Mad Bouncer Mad Maggie banner frame
  • The News Hawker Horizon banner frame
  • The Bank Robber Ballistic banner frame
  • The Matriarch Lifeline banner frame
  • The Assassin Revenant banner frame
  • The Bloody Hound Bloodhound banner frame
  • Shadow Society Epic Sticker Pack 1
  • I Ask You For Justice universal holospray
  • Mic Drop universal holospray
  • Gun For Hire universal holospray
  • Do I Amuse You? universal holospray
  • The All-Father Says Hello universal holospray

Milestone Rewards

  • 5 Event Packs opened: Coin Purse weapon charm (Epic)
  • 10 Event Packs opened: Make It Rain universal holospray (Epic)
  • 30 Event Packs opened: Clear The Pipes Fuse emote (Legendary)
  • 36 Event Packs opened: Cobalt Deathbox (Mythic)

A standout feature of the event is the introduction of the Cobalt Katar, a Mythic-tier melee weapon resembling a luminous blue blade. Unlike traditional Heirlooms, the Cobalt Katar is universally wieldable by all legends, making it a combat customization that any skin collector will need. However, in line with the mafia aesthetic of the event, you’ll have to gamble if you really want it. This item has a very low drop rate from Event Packs, but that’s the only way to get it. You can’t buy this Apex Legends heirloom, but you can boost your chances of getting it by purchasing more Event Packs.

Following the success of the first exclusive Deathbox, the One-Winged Angel Box, Respawn has crafted this event's most coveted prize: the Cobalt Deathbox, a rare cosmetic that transforms your deathbox into a work of art, echoing the aesthetic of the Cobalt Katar. Obtaining this exclusive item requires unlocking all 36 cosmetic items in the collection, so if you want it, you’ll have to pay the price.

Bangalore Shadow Society

For players seeking more accessible ways to get cosmetic items, the event offers a Rewards Shop where Reputation Points earned through in-game challenges can be exchanged for a variety of free cosmetics. From weapon charms to banner frames, players have the opportunity to personalize their in-game experience without the need for investment.

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The Shadow Society Event Rewards Shop includes the following items:

  • Shadow Society Event Pack: 800 RP (purchase limit: 1 Event Pack) – This Event Pack can drop the Cobalt Katar
  • Apex Pack (Epic): 600 RP (purchase limit: 2 Apex Packs)
  • Soldier banner badge: 100 RP
  • 1 Battle Pass Star: 250 RP (purchase limit: 10 Battle Pass Stars)
  • 25 Crafting Metals: 300 RP
  • Team Horizon holospray (Epic): 300 RP
  • Octane Heights universal banner frame (Epic): 600 RP
  • Pinstriped Professional Horizon Legend skin (Epic): 1,200 RP

With the Apex Legends Shadow Society Event scheduled to end on April 16th, you should grab the opportunity to obtain these incredible cosmetics before the event's conclusion. Whether you’re chasing the elusive Cobalt Katar or just in it for the free rewards, the event promises something for every Apex Legends player eager to elevate their gameplay experience.


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