February 08, 2024

Titanfall Connections in Apex Legends Season 20: Breakout

As Apex Legends Season 20 approaches and fans lose their minds over the Season 20: Breakout Patch Notes, Respawn’s team of developers just confirmed some intriguing connections between Apex Season 20 and the beloved Titanfall series. Respawn, who have developed both Apex and Titanfall, has apparently used a lot of influences from their previous title in the Multiplayer Battle Royale, creating a shared universe that adds a lot of depth to both games.

Are Titanfall and Apex Legends in the same universe?

Apex Legends Titanfall Lore

Before Apex Legends, Respawn solidified their presence in the gaming world with the Titanfall series, a legacy that went on to influence the design and gameplay mechanics of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is set within the Titanfall universe, and the Apex Games story unfolds well after the events of the original game.

Part of the gaming community believes that Apex was originally planned as a side story in Titanfall’s lore.

Titanfall x Apex Legends Crossover

While Apex Legends shares the universe with Titanfall, direct crossovers between the two games are not common and are often limited to subtle references. Season 20, however, will reveal a new connection to Apex Legends, boosting fans’ hopes to see new Titanfall content, even if it’s in the Apex Legends storyline instead of a new game.

The Season 20 trailer teased the new Time Gauntlet, causing the player base to speculate about its impact on the game. In an interview with GameSpot, Apex Lead Writer Ashley Reed confirmed that the Time Gauntlet would play a crucial role in Season 20's overarching storyline.

Horizon, who has already been a central character in the past, is taking the spotlight in Season 20, as shown by the teaser. The Time Gauntlet seems to be deeply connected with her lore, revolving around her quest to travel through time and reunite with her son.

Reed suggested that fans should take a second look at the trailer's closing shot and try to find out more from there.

Titanfall on Apex Legends

Reed also hinted that there will be another new narrative arc involving not only Horizon but potentially Ash as well. It was implied that the story would delve into the characters' backgrounds and motivations, expanding their lore in Apex Legends.

In the interview, Reed also acknowledged the players' observations and confirmed the connection with Titanfall. This confirmation acted as a huge boost to the community’s hype for Apex Legends Season 20: Breakout. The Time Gauntlet and Horizon's main role is confirmed to be Apex’s step to a lore expansion that goes beyond individual character stories.

Apex Legends Season 20 Release Date

Season 20 of Apex Legends begins on February 13, and players can anticipate an immersive experience enriched by the Titanfall connections. The confirmed ties with Titanfall promise to take us all on an exciting journey, inviting players to uncover the mysteries hidden in the shared universe.

There is a lot of new content coming to Apex Legends in Season 20, and the confirmation of Titanfall connections is causing the anticipation for the upcoming season to soar. If you want to start out Season 20: Breakout in your best rank, check out how to play with an Apex Predator. Respawn is promising to make Season 20 a game changer! Ready to dive in?


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