February 02, 2024

Apex Legends Season 20: Outurbana Begins on February 13, 2024

Apex Legends is gearing up for its 20th season, and there will be a huge event with the game celebrating its fifth anniversary. As the battle royale juggernaut approaches this milestone, players are eagerly waiting for what Season 20 has in store. Luckily for you, we already have some leaked intel on what’s new, who’s getting a boost, and what Respawn is taking away. Let’s take a deep dive into Apex Legends Season 20, when it kicks off, and the potential features and surprises Respawn is preparing.

When is the Apex Legends Season 20 start date?

Apex Legends Season 20 will kick off on Tuesday, February 13, 2024. Based on the in-game countdown for the battle pass and considering the game's history, Tuesday is usually the go-to day for new seasons. While there's a slim chance of a delay, past instances indicate that players can mark February 13 on their calendars with a 99% chance. The new season typically begins at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 6 pm GMT, with PlayStation players being able to pre-load the update to start grinding the ranks a couple of minutes earlier than everyone else.

New Features in Apex Legends Season 20

As the countdown to Season 20 begins, the rumors and leaks have been steadily dripping, and we have a bucket full of new content to talk about. Everyone is curious about what Respawn is doing with this Apex Legends season, given the milestone of the game's fifth anniversary. Here's a look at some new elements you can expect:

Apex Legends Season 20 Battlepass

The famous Apex Legends leaker, Hypermist, has already dropped the art for the new Outurbana battlepass, as seen below. While there’s a lot of hype surrounding the new pass, a lot of content creators have shared their concern over the nerfs Respawn gave to the new pass, and the community is split on whether it’s worth it to invest in this pass or not.

Apex Legends Season 20 Battlepass

Anniversary Collection Event

Considering that Season 20 marks the game’s fifth anniversary, it's highly likely that Apex Legends will treat players to another anniversary collection event. This event will boost the game with a huge collection of exclusive skins, cosmetics, and limited-time game modes to mark the occasion.

New Legend or Rework

While previous seasons almost guaranteed a new Legend, recent trends suggest that Respawn might choose to give us a rework of existing characters instead. However, Season 20 might break this pattern, introducing a new Legend named Jester, and that’s what the most recent leaks and datamined information from the Apex community are aiming at.

New Map or Map Changes

If Respawn holds their pattern, Apex is about to shake things up with a new map, based on the historical timeline of map releases. It remains to be seen if the new map will be an entirely new battle royale map, an extra for other game modes, or a rework of an existing map. We will have our confirmation on the Apex Legends Season 20 release date, 13 of February 2024.

Apex Legends Jester

New Weapon

Apex Legends has slowed down the introduction of new weapons to avoid saturating the loot pool or disrupting the meta. Nevertheless, players are hungry for fresh new tools to spice up the gameplay. There's a chance that Season 20 might bring a new weapon, possibly a pistol or shotgun, to the arsenal.

Of course, this also means that Respawn might be replacing one or more weapons this Season, to shake up the meta and dynamics of the game.


More details about Apex Legends Season 20 should drop within the next few days, but the excitement is palpable, and we can’t wait for the official announcement from Respawn Entertainment. As Respawn drops official news, we'll keep you updated and in the loop about what Season 20 of Apex Legends has in store for its fifth anniversary. Get ready for another thrilling chapter in the Apex Legends saga!


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