May 17, 2024

Here are the Best Weapons for Apex Legends Season 21: Upheaval

Apex Legends: Upheaval has arrived, introducing new content and changes for players to explore. The powerful new Legend Alter has made her debut, and her arrival transformed the maps and boosted the lore with new, strange realities! Solos Takeover has returned with Season 21, much to the delight of solo players, and everyone is on board for the Apex Games.

While many changes this season are immediately noticeable, the tweaks to the available weapons are more subtle. Some fan-favorite weapons have received minor buffs, while others, like the notorious Wingman, have returned to the floor loot pool. Ready to find out which ones you should pick up? Here is a comprehensive Tier List ranking all the available weapons for Season 21 of Apex Legends.

D-Tier Weapons

D-Tier houses the least viable weapons in Apex Legends. These guns are arguably the poorest performers in the game's loot pool, struggling to compete against most other weapons.

  • Charge Rifle: Despite slight improvements in recoil control when aiming down sights, the Charge Rifle remains one of the least viable weapons. Its charge-up time is a big drawback, as players must expose themselves to their targets while the weapon charges. Although its potential damage output is high, weapons like the Kraber are better choices.
  • P2020: This is one of the worst weapons in Apex Legends. Regardless of any boosting attachments, the P2020's damage output is unimpressive and outclassed by nearly every other weapon. Even with the Hammerpoint Rounds Hop-Up, players are better off choosing any other weapon.

C-Tier Weapons

C-Tier is home to less viable weapons. While high-level players may excel with these guns, they have generally lost their place in the casual and competitive meta.

  • C.A.R.: Among the Submachine Guns, the C.A.R. is the least viable. Its DPS is average, sitting between the Alternator and the R-99. Unfortunately, Apex Legends Season 21 nerfed the horizontal recoil control, rendering it the least controllable SMG. However, it does take both Light and Heavy Ammunition, offering some flexibility.
  • Longbow: A hard-hitting entry-level weapon that received buffs this season. Reduced recoil and bullet drop have made the Longbow more viable for medium-to-long-range combat. However, its slow firing rate requires precise timing and accuracy.
  • G7 Scout: This Marksman Rifle has decent medium-range potential. Its semi-automatic fire rate allows for moderate damage output, but its weapon kick can hinder critical hits on moving targets. The G7 Scout is less versatile, performing poorly at close and long ranges.
  • RE-45 Auto: One of the more viable handguns, the RE-45 Auto boasts a high fire rate, giving it a DPS comparable to the R-99. This makes it a good secondary weapon. However, other weapons outclass it in terms of versatility, excelling only at close range.

B-Tier Weapons

B-Tier weapons can be effective choices in skilled hands, even if they don't match the performance of S and A-Tier weapons. Boost them with the right attachments, and you might have a chance to shine in Apex Legends.

  • 30-30: This Semi-Automatic Marksman Rifle is ideal for medium-to-long-range engagements. Despite a nerf, it retains decent damage from Season 19, but accuracy is required for it to be effective. The 30-30 holds a solid B-Tier rating, even without the Skullpiercer Hop-Up Mod.
  • Sentinel: Considered one of the best Sniper Rifles. The Sentinel's charge time decreases with consecutive shots, and it can be amped with a Shield Cell for boosted damage. Its main drawbacks are the need for accuracy and a low magazine size.
  • Triple Take: A beginner-friendly weapon firing three projectiles, making it easier to hit targets. Inconsistent damage when all three projectiles don’t hit can be mitigated with the Choke function. The Triple Take is a great choice for new Apex Legends players.
Apex Legends Sentinel
  • Spitfire: One of the most viable Light Machine Guns with high DPS and excellent medium-range potential. Its high ammo capacity allows for sustained pressure on enemies.
  • L-Star: A formidable weapon with high DPS, ideal for close engagements. Its unique feature of never needing to reload, only overheating, makes it great for continuous pressure. However, it is less effective at long range due to slower projectile speed.
  • Rampage: A heavy-hitting LMG with a slow fire rate. While it is outclassed by the Spitfire in base DPS, the Rampage can be revved up with Thermite Grenades for boosted damage. This situational perk limits its overall potential.
  • Mozambique: This pocket Shotgun has improved significantly since its debut. While its high-damage potential depends on the Hammerpoint Hop-Up, the Mozambique can quickly down players at close range.

A-Tier Weapons

A-Tier weapons are powerful and can dominate the Apex Legends battlefield, though they don't quite reach the top-tier status of S-Tier weapons.

  • Flatline: A popular Assault Rifle with slightly higher DPS than the R-301. The Flatline excels at medium-range engagements, but its hip-fire accuracy is poor.
  • R-301: A versatile Assault Rifle effective at mid-to-long range and close range with hip fire. Though outclassed by the Flatline in DPS, the R-301 remains a solid all-purpose weapon.
  • Volt: A strong close-range SMG with higher damage than the Alternator but slightly less than the R-99. The Volt is easy to control, making it ideal for intense close-quarter battles.
  • Alternator: A reliable early-game SMG with easy control and decent damage. It excels in the close-range meta, especially with the Disruptor Rounds Hop-Up boosting its effectiveness against Shields.
  • R-99: The R-99 is known for its high DPS due to its exceptional fire rate, making it ideal for aggressive players in close-range fights. Its unpredictable recoil pattern is a minor drawback.
  • Wingman: Previously a Supply Drop weapon, the Wingman is now floor loot. Despite losing the Skullpiercer Hop-Up and extended magazine attachment, it remains a solid choice for accurate players.
Apex Legends R-99
  • Nemesis: A burst Assault Rifle ideal for medium-to-long range. The longer it fires, the faster it fires, providing a decent damage output with good accuracy.
  • Mastiff: A powerful close-range Shotgun with the second-highest DPS among Shotguns. While it requires aiming down sights for optimal damage, it is a formidable weapon up close.

Before we reveal the most powerful weapons you can wield in the Apex Games, check out how you can Duo Queue with an Apex Predator or unlock your favorite badge!

S-Tier Weapons

S-Tier weapons are the best weapons in Apex Legends. Many are Supply Drop exclusives, but some ground loot weapons also earn a spot here.

  • Devotion: Now a Supply Drop weapon, the Devotion boasts a fast fire rate and high DPS. This weapon received a boost to hip-fire accuracy in the Season 21 patch, making it a powerhouse at close range.
  • EVA-8: A top-tier Shotgun, especially for beginners. This fully automatic weapon is deadly at close range and easy to use, making it a must-have in the close-range meta.
  • Havoc: A top-tier weapon with exceptionally high DPS, surpassing the R-99. Its relatively low recoil and tight hip-fire accuracy make it excellent up close. The Turbocharger Hop-Up negates its slow initial fire rate.
  • Prowler: A versatile SMG with burst-fire capabilities. While some players prefer the R-99 or Volt, the Prowler excels in both close and medium-range engagements, offering great control and damage.
Apex Legends Havoc
  • Hemlok: Despite recent nerfs, the Hemlok remains a strong Assault Rifle with high damage if all bullets hit. It is effective at medium-to-long range and has good hip-fire accuracy for close encounters.
  • Peacekeeper: An excellent quick swap-to secondary Shotgun. The Peacekeeper's tight pellet spread ensures high damage potential, enhanced further with Disruptor Rounds.
  • Kraber: The best Sniper Rifle in the game, limited to Supply Drops. The Kraber's high damage can knock players down with one or two shots, making it ideal for skilled marksmen.
  • Bocek Compound Bow: A versatile bow with great medium-to-long-range potential. Though less favored compared to other Supply Drop weapons, its high damage per shot makes it viable for engaging distant opponents.

 Apex Legends Season 21: Upheaval has brought subtle yet impactful changes to the weapon meta. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon is crucial for players looking to optimize their gameplay. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, this tier list provides a comprehensive overview of the best and worst weapons in the current season.


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