July 07, 2024

FURIA Triumphs in ALGS, Boosting Their Position and Securing LAN Spot

As Split 2 of the ALGS Pro League draws to a close, FURIA has taken a huge leap towards securing their spot at the LAN event in Germany. With only Team Falcons previously guaranteed a spot, North American teams are fiercely competing for one of the 12 coveted slots. FURIA's recent victory is a major boost, pushing them closer to their LAN dream.

FURIA's Crucial ALGS Victory

FURIA kicked off a pivotal weekend with a stellar performance, despite facing unexpected internet issues that forced player Keon to relocate his setup at the last minute. Their resilience paid off, and FURIA emerged victorious, elevating their standings and making a strong case for their LAN qualification.

With this win, FURIA has jumped into third place, a comfortable 28 points ahead of the 12th-place team, E8. This substantial lead makes their qualification for the LAN event in Mannheim, Germany, almost certain.

ALGS Furia

Eyeing the Maximum Prize and POI Draft Seeding

Now that their LAN spot is nearly secured, FURIA can shift their focus to maximizing their prize money and securing better POI Draft seeding for the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. The Pro League's new structure emphasizes the importance of Draft positions for the Group Stage, adding another layer of competition for teams already assured of their LAN spots.

The NA Top Five Standings

Here’s a look at the current top five teams in the NA region:

  • FURIA: 63 points
  • Pioneers: 53 points
  • SSG: 51 points
  • Disguised: 48 points
  • E8: 47 points

SSG has also solidified their place in the Split 2 Playoffs with today's results.

Seer Dominates the North American Meta

The recent Season 21 mid-season update has had a significant impact on Apex Legends' legend meta. While Bangalore remains a staple in ALGS lineups, a noticeable shift has occurred with the recent matches boosting Seer's pick rate to 80% in North America, compared to 27% in EMEA. This trend highlights North American teams' preference for Seer as a direct replacement for the information previously provided by Bloodhound, whose synergy with Bangalore was disrupted by the update.


Seer's ability to scan has made him a crucial asset in the current meta, reinforcing the age-old ALGS strategy that the best counter to a scanning legend is another scanning legend. This strategic shift was evident as Seer's pick rate increased throughout the day, reflecting teams' adaptability to the evolving meta.

North America's Day 8 Pick Rates

The latest pick rates for North America offer a glimpse into the current meta-dynamics:

  • Bangalore: 94.17%
  • Seer: 80%
  • Fuse: 49.17%
  • Pathfinder: 26.67%
  • Catalyst: 25%
  • Wattson: 10%
  • Gibraltar: 5%
  • Loba: 5%
  • Rampart: 5%

Looking Ahead

As we move into the B vs. C games, tomorrow will provide further insights into how the meta is shaping up as we approach the Regional Finals. Teams will continue to adapt their strategies, and it will be fascinating to see how the competition unfolds.

FURIA's impressive performance has significantly boosted their chances of securing a LAN spot, highlighting their resilience and strategic prowess. As the ALGS Split 2 Pro League progresses, the evolving meta and intense competition promise an exciting lead-up to the Regional Finals and beyond. Stay tuned for more updates on FURIA's journey and the Apex Legends Global Series.


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