VALORANT leaks SmokeDancer, the new agent!

We've been waiting for a new Valorant Agent to be announced, and although that can still take a while, we can always hang on to the copium of sweet, sweet leaks. We love them, especially in the case of major news like weapon skins or, in this instance, Agents. Riot continuing to create new playable characters isn't exactly breaking news, but their development's codename may provide some insight into how they might appear or what skillsets and gameplay mechanics they might have.

This time, according to ValorLeaks reports, a new Agent codename, SmokeDancer, has been revealed.

We know by now that codenames are used by Valorant's developers to drop hints at Agents' types, gameplay, and kits.

For instance, Harbor's codename was "Mage," and one could argue that the Controller does look like a magician who can bend water.

Every Agent had codename before release.

We've also had Deadeye for Chamber, Vampire for Reyna, and Sprinter for Neon as more specific examples. But SmokeDancer? We're curious about what it could be alluding to. Could it be a new controller with a strong emphasis on smoke powers, or perhaps a deceptive and stealthy assassin?

According to release trends, Riot never added two characters playing the same role immediately after each other. Furthermore, with only four Sentinels (Sage, Chamber, Cypher, and Killjoy), Sentinels are currently the least represented role in Valorant as opposed to the five Controllers their roster already has.

When you think about how Chamber, which came out in November 2021, was the most recent addition to Valorant's Sentinels, it's easy to feel the frustration of players and boosters who like this role.

Meanwhile, the Oni 2.0 skin line that was recently leaked could be related to the upcoming Agent.

Hey Riot, we see the smoke between the guns!

Even though they may still be in the very early stages of production, it appears Riots wants to keep profiting from some of their most recognizable collections because leaks suggest they are now working on an Oni 2.0 skin line.

A redesigned Oni collection might be coming to the game, much like other collections like Reaver 2.0, Ion 2.0, and more. Over two and a half years ago, in July 2020, the initial Japanese-inspired set was launched.

Even though the Phantom had a skin in that collection, the Vandal and Operator, two of the game's most well-liked weapons, were notably absent. It would be obvious to build a 2.0 version of them to correct this unfortunate mistake.

Unfortunately, we don't have any concrete details on the Oni 2.0 bundle except for the most crucial one: it's definitely coming to Valorant. How do we know for sure? ValorLeaks, the most dependable source of leaks and information about the game, claimed that Riot is currently developing the skins.

We can make the educated assumption that the Oni 2.0 package won't be cheap. Expect the new skins to contain comparable aesthetic features, or possibly more, as Riot will want to ensure that Valorant fans pay the money for them. The original skins had variations, kill banners, and animations.

SmokeDancer and Oni 2.0 won't be disclosed to us for some time, but you can be sure we'll be covering everything you need to know about the Agent and the new skins when they become available.

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February 07, 2023