The Sentinels' Dreams were crushed at the VCT Americas

The VALORANT competitive professionals, the Sentinels had to beat FURIA in a tough game to boost their hopes of making the playoffs alive, and they lived up to the task as they came out victorious from one of the most competitive matches ever in the VCT.

The Sentinels were eliminated from the VCT Americas Playoff

Fans of the Sentinels will be thrilled to hear that their favorite squad achieved the impossible: they beat FURIA and finished their regular season with some possibility of reaching the playoffs.

Before their last two games, the North American giant had a terrible record of 2-5 in the VCT Americas. Last week, the Sentinels won a good game against KRU Esports when they were down and out. But this week there was a bigger challenge; their opponent was FURIA from Brazil.

Both teams gave their all in every round, and the result was a match that was nothing short of spectacular. The third map in the series was the longest overtime we've had in VCT Americas, and it kept fans on the edge of their seats until the very last second of the game!

Sentinels' get the Clutch

Following Sentinels' 13-7 and FURIA's 13-5 victories on Split and Haven, respectively, the final stage for the series was Bind, where both teams were evenly matched to provide spectators with a heart-pounding, sudden-death showdown.

Because of how closely the teams were matched, this map reportedly led to the longest overtime in VCT America's brief history. Don't get me wrong, though; this is by no means the most prolonged match in VALORANT history.

The Valorant Champions FURIA didn't give EG a chance

Sadly, even though Sentinels were able to secure a victory for themselves in the nick of time to end the regular season, NRG's triumph over Evil Geniuses means that they will not be participating in the playoffs.

Because of this, we won't be able to catch up with the squad at the Masters Tokyo tournament, and instead, we'll have to compete in the Last Chance Qualifier to try and be the ones claiming the only spot left at the VALORANT Champions.

Sentinels needed EG to beat NRG to keep their ambitions alive

As the VCT Americas regular season finished, the Sentinels and their fans watched as NRG easily dispatched Evil Geniuses.

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Evil Geniuses were no match for NRG, who wanted to make sure they got into the playoffs without any trouble. This didn't even give Sentinels fans time to pray for a hope boost from EG.

Evil Geniuses were also trying to get into the playoffs. They were right in the middle of the ladder, two spots below Cloud9 and LOUD, the two top seeds who pretty much had their spots guaranteed.

EG failed to hold their own on the VCT playoffs

Unfortunately for EG, they couldn't guarantee their spot yet since they ended the regular season with a 4-5 record and were unable to beat NRG, who left no room for comebacks.

Austin "Crashies" Roberts is the one who stands out the most. By showcasing his amazing mechanics as Skye, the former OpTic was the definitive MVP of NRG's win. He got 36 frags and three First Kills.

What's next on the VCT?

These results qualify NRG for the VCT Americas playoffs, where they will compete for one of three spots to represent the region at VALORANT Masters Tokyo and VALORANT Champions.

With a 4-5 record, Evil Geniuses needs a lot of things to go their way, especially losses by 100 Thieves (2-0) and MiBR (2-1), but they won't know for sure until the final stretch of the VCT regular season is through.

As for the Sentinels, their run may be over for now, but we'll be eager to watch what they do next!

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May 23, 2023