If you play VALORANT, don't dodge! Here's why:

What does "queue dodging" mean in Valorant, and what impact does it have on ranked and competitive gameplay?

You may not like your current team, you're having a rough day with a couple of losses, or someone else may have arbitrarily chosen your primary character. Of course, this could all be solved with a Valorant boost, but for now, you're still queuing. Usually, the phenomenon of queue dodging manifests itself in Valorant when these conditions are gathered.

Toxic teammates who insta-lock duelists, bottom frag, and mass-flame other players can make Valorant ranking feel like a coin toss among the excellent teams that really communicate and count with a booster, a random Radiant, and players who don't flame and who strive to win.

But there are occasions when players decline to choose an Agent during the selection screen, forcing the matchmaking system to start over in an attempt to accommodate the remaining players.

Occasionally, this is due to simple forgetfulness, or perhaps they were too far away from the computer to get it there in time to choose an Agent. Unfortunately, regardless of circumstances, this will lead to a queue dodge.

Simply put, queue dodging consists of waiting for the timer to expire without picking an Agent, forcing the matchmaking system to find a new group of players for a fresh game.

The fines are usually not very severe. In the end, dodging a queue is preferable to trolling and making everyone lose rank during the game. However, with patch 6.07, Riot Games gave a boost to the consequences for repeat offenders.

While it's commendable that Riot is making an effort to address the issue of players queue-dodging, some have voiced concerns that the measures taken in patch 6.07 go too far.

According to user Sultansofpa in a Reddit thread that has received hundreds of upvotes, most players would prefer to go AFK in-game with more severe penalties for queue dodging. A lot of players are opting for Valorant duo boosting to have at least one extra player who won't dodge or troll.

I'd rather someone dodge my game than troll or go afk or just not play as well on a different agent cause they didn't get their agent. (...) I get that some people might abuse dodging multiple games in a row but I think I would rather wait in que longer than have a game ruined by someone who decides to troll instead of dodging.

Many players feel that Riot Games may have gone too far with patch 6.07, which increased consequences for individuals who are queue dodging, despite the fact that it is an annoyance. After several violations, Riot is boosting penalties to new levels, such as a larger reduction in RR and a ban from queuing for a day.

A lot of players are opting for Valorant duo boosting to have at least one extra player who won't dodge or troll.

The content producer for Liquid Mendo said that he would rather deal with queue dodging than nasty teammates, despite Riot Games' social media mention that queue dodging is one of the most prevalent violations that pops up in their analytics.

Riot will soon reveal the impact these changes are having on the game, and we're sure the community will have more insight to share!

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May 09, 2023