VALORANT Premier makes your dreams come true!

The Valorant Premier Beta has already begun, but if you still need a reason to participate, Riot just made sure you have one.

Valorant Premier Global Open Beta is already available, and players are flocking to try it out. Many players find the thrill of participating in a more structured and competitive atmosphere to be alluring enough, since it can help you boost your skills, rank, and popularity, but there are other benefits to be gained.

The Valorant Premier places a strong focus on player and team growth, which is one of the league's distinguishing characteristics. Riot Games has developed the league with the purpose of encouraging the expansion and improvement of seasoned players and squads, with the primary goal of establishing a solid league where amateurs can go pro in Valorant gameplay. The league will be boosting the development of its clubs and players with access to an array of resources and assistance in the form of financial incentives, coaching, and training facilities, among other things.

Riot Games does have some goodies in store just for playing, even if going full tryhard is not your intention. But if you do boost your teammates and carry them, you can earn even greater, more exclusive rewards.

Here's how you can get your hands on the exclusive rewards, including the Valorant Premier Champions Playercard and Title.

After winning your first Premier match, you'll be able to access your player banner and title. However, to get the Champion rewards, you will need to not only play but also win a Playoff tournament.

These won't appear right away. Stay calm and keep carrying games. To get these prizes, you will first need to wait one day and then re-login to Valorant.

The open beta test for Valorant Premier Global is scheduled to last a total of four weeks, beginning on April 25 and concluding on May 23, 2023, respectively.

Now that it has begun, you can expect each team to play two games every week. The timetable, map rotation, and queue-up will all be available on the Team Hub. All matches, like VCT, will include a map selection and ban system. It's important to be aware of all this information before going into the match, as it can make the difference between boosting your rank in the ladder or remaining at the Valorant casual player level.

With each match, a team earns points that are added to the Premier Score. A team's Premier Score determines whether or not it advances to the Playoff Tournament. The greater the number of games a squad wins, the more points it receives. However, if the team misses a match and doesn't play, no points will be added.

Wins award 100 points, losses award 25, and tournament matches no longer award points.

Now, if you want to get a huge score, there are a couple of things that can help, one of which is gathering great teammates. If you're looking for Radiant teammates, a Valorant Boost is the way to go, as you will have a professional player who's super experienced with competitive play at a very high level carrying your team.

If you're ready to go pro, then get yourself a Valorant Duo Boost, tag along a Radiant player, and start the Premier today!

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May 04, 2023