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With a brand-new seasonal challenge, players will be able to go "beyond Radiant" in Riot Games' new competitive mode for Valorant called Premier. Here is all the information you need about Valorant Premier.

Riot Games stated its goal for the development of competitive Valorant in 2022, and now they have finally made a start in that direction. They are adding a brand-new competitive mode to the game to give players more intense competition than they are used to in Ranked.

Premier, the designation of the new mode, is about to begin its "Beta" phase. Think of it as Valorant's equivalent of Faceit for CS:GO, which is frequently seen as being more competitive than standard matchmaking.

Here is a summary of everything you need to know about Valorant Premier.


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What is Premier?

Premier is a brand-new competitive mode in Valorant that will give players a significantly tougher challenge than Ranked.

Riot also wants to provide a goal that is even bigger than Radiant and give the most competitive players a satisfying challenge above the regular ranked season.

The mode is supposed to give gamers who like to play from the comfort of their own homes a new way to become pros. Leo Faria, Head of Esports at Valorant, asserts that Premier "will be the path to the VCT Challengers leagues" in the future and will eventually take the place of the open qualifying process.


Can I play Valorant Premier?

Here's what we know.

VALORANT Premier will be released in Act III of Episode 6, a few months from now.

The game mode is in Alpha on the Brazil server, meaning that a plethora of additional features are still missing from the mode but will be added in the near future.

Once Premier is released, you or anybody else may create a team and participate in a season of pre-arranged matches. This implies that you are free to form a team out of your boosters, friends, neighbors, or anybody else you choose and compete against some of the best teams out there. The winner gets more than an ego and a rank boost; you might also get a chance at the big leagues!

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Once you've put together your team, you'll be put into a division, and you'll play in a long season that includes both weekly games and tournaments. You might even make it into the postseason tournament to compete for the title of Division Champions if your squad has everything it needs to win.


When does Premier begin?

On March 2, Andy Ho, the game director for Valorant, said that Premier will have a global beta test during Episode 6: Act III. Although there are few details available, the season is anticipated to begin in May.

Once it starts, teams will be competing in an all-out battle royale for a potential spot at the VCT. Yes, you read that right!

VALORANT Premier will eventually become this professional sport's ladder, where you can boost your career to professional status! Premier's best teams will be competing in the Challenger's League, which is a direct competition for a spot on the VALORANT Champions Tour.

Time to go Pro!

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