VALORANT is getting daily rewards!

Riot Games is adding a daily prize system to Valorant to increase the motivation for completing matches in unrated game types.

Although the most popular game mode in Valorant is ranked, easily the most sold Elo Boost service for this game, some people do not have time to devote to a 30-minute session. As a result, busy gamers frequently pass the time by playing Spike Rush, Swiftplay, Escalation, and other game types. Regrettably, there isn't much of a motivation to play these games. Because of this, many devoted Valorant gamers choose to remain clear of time-wasting casual modes.

Yet renowned leaker ValorMike claims that Riot intends to fix that. Players will be somewhat encouraged to spend time in casual games, instead of grinding their rank, thanks to the daily reward pass.

Our trusted leak sources say that Valorant will soon have a new way to give out rewards every day.

Although Riot hasn't formally explained the system's operation, sources suggest a Diamond system. There will be four Diamond points available each day, each worth 100 XP. Gamers will also receive daily login benefits in addition to that.

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Players will get rewards for doing things other than rated modes, and they will be able to get battle pass rewards faster by doing so. With this new change, even the most dedicated gamers will find the casual mode to be a good option. Even high-ranking demons occasionally want to unwind with their buddies and recharge their batteries from the brutal grind. Although the side modes in Valorant are enjoyable, the payoff is simply insufficient to draw in competitive players.

The daily incentives allow users to spend time together while daily collecting priceless gems. Take these with a grain of salt since they're recent leaks, and the actual system of rewards may change. Although Riot hasn't formally revealed the new method yet, gamers should soon hear from them.

On that note, more loot is coming to Valorant soon! Grab your fortunate rabbit's foot and pray you can get the skins you desire at a discount before the next Valorous Night Marker arrives.

In the Valorant Night Market, which is coming early next month, fans will be able to spin a wheel to get their favorite skins. An event that is eagerly awaited by fans is the opening of a new Night Market since it gives them the chance to purchase skins that have been out of stock or that would otherwise be too pricey for their preferences.

Community leaker ValorLeaks has revealed that the next Night Market will take place from April 5 through April 25. Fans would have 20 days to examine the six randomly selected weapon skins they received before deciding whether to buy any of them or not.

The Night Market has any gun skins categorized as Select, Deluxe, or Premium. The majority of knife skins across all edition levels will also be offered through the Night Market; however, skins cannot be purchased through the Night Market shop until they have been present inside the game for no fewer than two acts. Knife skins or Premium version gun skins will still make up two of your six offers, guaranteeing that you at least receive a few of the more enticing offers in the shop.

The Luna, Reverie, and Oni Episode 6 skin lines are the three that won't be boosting this Episode's Night Market. The shop still has a ton of extremely sought-after skins available, including Prime/2.0, Gaia's Revenge, and Ion. That is all there is to know about the upcoming Night Market in Valorant.

Who knows? Maybe luck will be on your side. As PewDiePie always says, "you could win a billion".

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March 30, 2023