Gekko is here! VALORANT 's New Agent!

The next VALORANT Agent is set to be released on March 7! Let's take a look at what RIOT has in store for us with the most recent boost to VALORANT's ranks.

Gekko has been officially revealed as VALORANT's 22nd Agent. Los Angeles's unique initiator stands out as one of the game's most notable agents in the coming months. There will very certainly be significant changes to the meta in terms of professional competitive gameplay.

The newest agent can release an army of creatures to do his bidding. The tools at Gekko's disposal are very different from those used by other VALORANT agents like Skye, who make use of critters to flash or temporarily incapacitate their foes. All of Gekko's various capacities bring a new mechanic to the game.

While climbing the ranks, Gekko requires no Duo boosting since he has a 5-stack of his own, with Dizzy, Wingman, Thrash and Moshpit (his friends call him Mosh).

More than just his friends, these 4 critters will act as his tools and skills. Let's check out what they can do!

Gekko's Kit

Cast Dizzy Fire [E] and watch Dizzy rocket through the air. Dizzy charges up her plasma blasts and then fires them at any foes in her line of sight. A direct blow from her plasma will blind any enemy it comes into contact with. After Dizzy hits, her globule body will go into a state of hibernation. You can pick her up to lower the cooldown on your [E].

Equip Wingman with [Q] and use the Wingman FIRE command to send the Wingman in search of foes forward. When Wingman spots an opponent, he fires a powerful blast in their general direction. Wingman can either defuse the spike or put it at the intended target. Gekko cannot plant without the Spike. When Wingman dies, he turns back into a globule of inactive matter, which you can collect to lower his cooldown.

Moshpit, or Mosh [C], can be thrown like a cluster grenade! Once he lands, he'll spread out into a huge area of effect and explode to deal massive damage!

Finally, we have Thrash [X]. You can fire Thrash to control her, steer her like a drone from hell through the map, and hunt down your foes! Thrash can be directed against foes (just like Skye's flash). The forward lunge can be activated by pressing [X]. Assuming it makes contact with the adversary, it will stun them in place. When coupled with other Gekko skills, the stun becomes a very boosted skill.

Gekko can regain a charge on his ultimate ability by retrieving it after it has run its course. It is unprecedented to be able to regain an ultimate charge after casting, so this skill will be a game changer for VALORANT Boosting and competitive play, for sure.

Who is Gekko anyway?

Both the Agent's parents and their Los Angeles upbringing have had an impact on the style that Gekko has inherited. Riot's devs had to do significant study during the Gekko design process to find a way to merge these two worlds and to comprehend the path taken by many people in the real world who experience something similar.

According to the lore, Gekko and his parents decided to make Los Angeles their permanent home because it attracts people from all over the world. Several different cultures coexist in the city of immigrants. Each neighborhood in Los Angeles displays its own unique history, but they all share a common Los Angeles quality. The developers of Gekko zeroed down on an area of East L.A. notable for its long association with Mexico.

RIOT has confirmed that Gekko will be releasing alongside several affordable cosmetic items including 3 spays, 2 player cards, 2 titles, 1 gun buddy and 1 Skin!

After the VCT LOCK//IN concludes on March 7, Gekko will be made available alongside the beginning of VALORANT Season 6 Act 2. During the VCT LOCK//IN Showmatch, which features teams captained by Tarik and FRTTT, the Agent will be seen in action for the first time.

We can't wait to get our hands on this amazing new kit! How about you?

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