VALORANT has a new battle pass and the loot is out of this world!

The official patch notes for Valorant 6.08 have been released, giving players their first look at the game's next content upgrade.

In this patch, you'll find changes to Gekko and Killjoy, as well as the third act of Episode 6.

The ranked queues were reset as Riot upgraded the game and prepared the new Act, but even though there won't be a new Agent or Map, the updates are still impressive. Since the new ranked reset has already happened, it's the perfect time to start thinking about Val Elo Boosting so you can get a Radiant player in your account right away.

This time, there's even going to be a battle pass with tons of cosmetics to farm!

If you're a Valorant lover and you want to know about patch 6.08 but you only have time for a summary, here are the highlights.

Agent Updates

Gekko - Wingman

The audio for Wingman (Q)'s plants and bombs has been upgraded. Wingman's spike and defuse sounds didn't make sense during intense battles due to a lack of clear audible indications. As Gekko rose in popularity and started being used a lot more in Valorant elo boosting, this ought to bring more attention to those sound signals and tone down his win rates.

Riot has revised Gekko's in-game portrait to increase its legibility and maintain a higher standard of visual quality across the game.

Killjoy - Nanoswarm

The radius of Nanoswarm's has increased from 350 to 525.

The audio in Nanoswarm has been revamped.

When Killjoy is silenced or killed, the audio loop will no longer play.

When Nanoswarm is deactivated, it is now exposed, and the opponent receives better feedback when they destroy it.

Other Abilities

The destruction of Killjoy's ultimate Lockdown (X) now has updated graphics.

There is no longer a warning icon in the user interface (UI) while an enemy is under Killjoy's Lockdown (X).

Added more distinct deactivation sounds for Killjoy's Turret (E) and Alarmbot (Q).

Cosmetics and Skins - Shorty

Anyone who owns one of these Shorty skins will see it updated:

Default Shorty

Wunderkind Shorty

Sidekick Shorty

Karabasan Shorty

Prism II Shorty

Doodle Buds Shorty

Map Updates

Map Rotations

Both the Competitive and Unrated queues now have the recently reworked Bind which will replace Icebox.

While we're sad to see Icebox go since it was a fan favorite, we can't wait to see our Valorant Elo Boosters shine on Bind in the next Plays of the Week videos!

Bug Fixes

Gameplay Systems

The message "Kick ally off" no longer appears when Spike is being defused.

Resolved an issue where the defusing progress bar in Spike might reset or speed up on its own.

Yoru now has the ability to drop his weapon when utilizing Dimensional Drift (X).


(Improved with 6.07 Patch) The issue where right-clicking a party member who has the option to "Hide my name outside my party" selected would not provide the option to "Add/Remove Friend" has been resolved. This situation should help make Valorant Elo Boost services even more discreet and safe.

(Improved with 6.07 Patch) Riot fixed an issue that prevented banned members from leaving your party.

An issue was fixed that caused expired party invites to remain active for players.

They also fixed an issue where the conversation history for both the team and the whole match was deleted.

Corrected an issue that caused incorrect punctuation to appear when the game's language setting was set to Thai.

Known Issues

Riot is aware of a client-side problem that prevents users from changing the language. Changes to the region must be made in the Riot Client's settings.

Occasionally, Riot has noticed that certain sound effects do not trigger their accompanying audio cues. They are now conducting an investigation and will provide updates as they become available.

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April 25, 2023