Offline TV's Disguised Toast joins the competitive scene!

Disguised Toast, a content producer and OfflineTV member, has unveiled a new Game Changers squad, a few months after acquiring a Valorant team participating in the North America Challengers League.

The Game Changers roster stands in direct contrast to the Challengers roster since it appears to be focused on being a good method for its members to produce content while giving a boost to the tournament, which is geared toward female and underrepresented individuals.

DSG announced its Game Changers roster on social media. It includes Tenzin, the duo of Sydney "Sydeon" Parker of OfflineTV and Jodi "Quarterjade" Lee from Offline TV, and Alicia "Kyedae" Shymko, the founder of 100 Thieves who just announced she has leukemia.

Lydia "Tupperware" Wilson, the team captain and a former player for Immortals, is the only member of the roster with previous experience in a competitive setting.

The all female squad counts with a boost in popularity from it's members all being famous content creators and is coached by Ruin.

Despite the backlash for initially disregarding Game Changers as a serious league, Disguised Toast came out on top in the end.

Contrary to what naysayers and skeptics thought, Disguised Toast's choice to field a team for the Valorant Game Changers Series 1 Open Qualifier that was mostly made up of well-known content creators rather than experienced players ended up being a huge success.

Not only did Disguised GC win their first match, but they also boosted the number of viewers so much that the Game Changers broadcast, which highlights the contributions of women and minorities to the Valorant community, reached 100,000 viewers.

Disguised GC, which is made up of well-known Twitch streamers like Alicia "Kyedae" Shymko, who created 100T, and Jodi "QuarterJade" Lee, finished in Group B in the Game Changers 2023 Series I.

DSG GC's initial game was against SHIFT X, and to everyone's surprise, they easily won it 2-0. For all the people out there who suspect that streamers use Valorant elo boost as a tool to gain clout later, this seems to be proof of the contrary. As a result, they were given the chance to play Evil Geniuses for a chance to advance to the next phase of the tournament.

Even more amazing is how much support they got for their debut, which was watched by over 100,000 people between co-streams and the main Game Changers show.

Disguised Toast claims that his stream reached a high of 62,896 viewers, which is almost as many as the GC Championship final from the previous year.

Really proud of the GC team today! And very cool that we peaked the same amount of viewers as the GC Grand Finals last year at 60k+

This is definitely a scene that is worth supporting and hoping investors/sponsors recognize the immense potential that is here.

Additionally, the main broadcast had around 25,000 viewers at one point, and additional co-streamers like the one run by Valkyrae helped Game Changers set a record for viewership.

Regardless of them not being able to advance to the next round of the qualifications, DSG GC's debut in the competition was a resounding success, even though they ultimately fell to EG and then SHIFT X in the following round. Sometimes the goal is to pique interest in a scene instead of assembling a lineup purely for competitive purposes.

And in this instance, it appears like both objectives have been met; although DSG were unable to defeat SHIFT X a second time, they will still have a chance to try again in the future.

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April 09, 2023