VALORANT and Counter-Strike have even more in common now!

For many gamers, the thrill of the hunt for rare loot and cosmetics such as skins or trinkets is a major part of the gaming experience. Whether it's a beautiful weapon skin, a unique gun buddy, or a coveted player card that only drops from watching a specific stream or event, the excitement of obtaining rare cosmetics can be a major driving force behind hours of gameplay. Valorant players are no exception, they also want to boost their chances at getting rare skins!

For some, the pursuit of this "loot" is all about the bragging rights that come with owning something that few other players have. For others, it's about the challenge of facing tough enemies and overcoming difficult obstacles in order to earn a valuable reward, just like a lot of people do with a rank.

Whatever the reason, it's a shared passion among many gamers. From online multiplayer first person shooters to single-player RPGs, and even to Valorant Boosting professionals, the thrill of discovering that one-of-a-kind item can keep players engaged and invested in their favorite games for hours on end.

So if you're a gamer who loves the rush of hunting down rare loot, you're definitely not alone. Whether you're playing for the thrill of the chase or the satisfaction of adding a rare piece to your collection, the hunt for rare Valorant loot is one of the many reasons why gaming is such a beloved pastime for so many people.

You may buy collections of cosmetics since that all have the same general vibe. While some cosmetic collections simply feature a variety of items that all have something in common, others are sold in sets that make it possible for players to acquire every item in the collection at once.

Since League of Legends and Valorant are free to play, it's no surprise that in-game cosmetics are a huge emphasis for Riot. While some are simply bought in the store, others are part of season passes that you can use Valorant Boosting to farm.

After hundreds of skins and cosmetics being launched since Valorant's debut, April 12 saw the introduction of the Black Market package.

Many people are complaining about the new package since they believe the skins are just ripoffs of CS:GO items. An easter egg was also discovered, making the blades look more like rare knives in CS:GO.

Among the first to spot the easter egg was Valorant YouTuber Flexinja, who remarked on the melee's several variations that resemble the Fade and Blue Gem chromas from Counter-Strike. He posted on Twitter:

"Apparently Riot added an easter egg to the new Black Market butterfly knife where the blade can become Fade, Blue Gem, or Tigertooth colored, similar to CS."

The new Black Market knife has the possibility of becoming a Fade or Sapphire variation, but will only be available for one round, claims renowned data miner ValorLeaks.

However, it appears that the rare colors are incredibly hard to come across in-game, with extremely low chances of occurrence. It has been reported that some players can uncover the variations in as few as 50 rounds, while others have taken hundreds.

Finding the variations appears to be an uncommon event, so count your blessings if you were able to witness one in-game!

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April 16, 2023