The Valorant Community is split between these two amazing weapons

Since its introduction, Valorant players have split into two groups: Phantom users versus Vandal users. Streamers, elo boosters, pro players, and amateurs alike all pick up arms (pun intended) and choose a side in this war. Today, we settle this question once and for all!

We all like clutching matches with one of the two most popular weapons in Valorant: the Vandal or the Phantom, both of which have amassed a large fan following over the years. Riot Games has now retrieved the stat sheet to demonstrate which gun is superior, and we checked what our boosters had to say about it.

We've known for a long time that the two legendary guns in Valorant had major differences. For starters, the Phantom features no gun traces or damage falloff, and it has better spray control. The Vandal, on the other hand, can one-shot you in the head from any distance, is more difficult to manage, and has fewer rounds in the magazine.

So which is better, the Phantom or the Vandal?

Riot Games detailed in what scenarios the Phantom is stronger compared to the Vandal and vice-versa in their data release. Let's check it out!

Unsurprisingly, as a result of its tighter spray, the Phantom leads close-quarters fights, with the weapon scoring 22% of its fatalities in the 10-15m range as opposed to 19.4% for the Vandal.

The Phantom is the best option for making smoother spray transitions and earning multi-kills because of its superior spray. It's certainly not impossible with the Vandal, but you will need a lot more practice and effort, as well as a spray of luck.

The Phantom wins encounters between 0 and 15 meters, but as the distance increases, the Vandal takes over.

The final significant piece of data is: what comes next when a Phantom player scores a non-lethal headshot?

Sadly, for all of us using the Phantom, it suffers from damage falloff. It turns out that 11% of the time, Vandal users will turn the scenario around and win the match, and the remaining 10% of matches will be settled by another player.

At the end of the day, if a Phantom user manages to takeout an opponent who's sporting a Vandal, he will most likely win the match, but that's not always the case, especially since a Vandal user will always try to keep the combat limited to close quarters and tight spaces.

What do the Val Boost pros think?

Riot has released the average percentage of players selecting Vandal versus Phantom, both in competitive and pro play, and while Vandal seems to be the overwhelming winner, everyone agrees on one thing.

According to our Radiant Valorant Boosters, some of whom have a long history in the competitive scene, these numbers are not that relevant. But if you want to check out what they can do with either one, head out to our Plays of the Week video on Youtube!

Valorant is a team game where you and four other players will team up strategically, and this means you have to consider a lot more aspects than just the amount of damage a weapon deals or how easy it is to headshot someone with it. Sometimes you need to be a frontliner, and sometimes you need to be a scout.

This is why every professional believes that it all depends on the game you're facing. It's not too important to figure out which weapon is better, but when to choose either the Phantom or the Vandal.

There's only one thing that 100% of players have to agree on. If you hit them in the head, they go down faster!

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May 16, 2023