Top 10 Most Contested LPL Spring 2023 Champions

Week 2 of LPL was action packed!

The greatest and most competitive League of Legends championship has returned. With 17 teams, fresh and established talents will compete for supremacy in Summoners Rift over the course of ten weeks.

LPL fans are extremely curious about the Spring of 2023. Some hope that JD Gaming will secure two consecutive titles, which has not occurred since 2018. Other supporters wonder if Royal Never Give Up will defend their Spring crown following last year's victory. Fans of Top Esports are the most optimistic, as their team has placed second three times in the last six splits. Possibly none of this will occur, and another team will win the coveted LPL Championship.

Uncertainty aside, League of Legends gamers always study which Champions LPL teams utilize in their competitions. Let's examine the top 10 most contested champions after Week 2 has concluded.

#10 - Wukong (79% Presence)

The Monkey King, with 14 picks, 9 bans, and a 21% win percentage, is the tenth most contested champion and the one with the lowest win rate among the top 10.

#9Maokai (79% Presence)

Our favorite tree (sorry, Ivern), with 7 picks, 16 bans, and a 57% win rate, is the ninth most contested champion.

Vi might be the revelation of the Spring Split with the highest win rate this week!

#8Vi (79% Presence)

The Piltover Enforcer, with 15 picks, 8 bans, and a 67% win rate, is the eighth most contested champion and the one with the highest win rate among the top 10.

#7 – K'sante (90% Presence)

With 14 picks, 12 bans, and a 43% win rate, K'sante has become the seventh most contested champion on the list, bringing honor to Nazumah.

#6 - Syndra (93% Presence)

The Ionia Mage is the sixth most contested champion with 16 picks, 11 bans, and a 38% win rate.

#5 – Fiora (93% Presence)

The Grande Duelist, with 5 picks, 22 bans, and a 40% win rate, is the fifth most contested champion and the one with the most bans in the top 10 list.

#4 – Yuumi (93% Presence)

Rengar's little sister and the game's most broken kitten, with 16 picks, 11 bans, and a 63% win rate, is the fourth most contested champion and the lone support in the top ten.

#3 – Zeri (97% Presence)

With 17 picks, 11 bans, and a 59% win rate, The Spark of Zaun has earned its place on the podium by becoming the champion with the most picks and the third-most contested status.

#2 – Lucian (100% Presence)

The Purifier, with 14 picks, 15 bans, and a 50% win rate, is the second most contested champion and the one in the top 10 with the highest gold and damage per minute.

Ryze has been making his mark on the LPL Spring Split!

#1  Ryze (100% Presence)

With 11 picks, 18 bans, and a 64 percent win ratio, The Rune Mage is the most contested champion and LPL Spring 2023 King after two weeks.

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January 18, 2023