The TFT World Championship is the real deal!

Since Riot Games' auto battler debuted, with its innovative approach to League of Legends lore in a new game, a total of five Teamfight Tactics World Championships have been held, with champions hailing from France, Korea, and China.

A lot of time invested on the ladder, tons of talent, and a small amount of high roll luck (also known as a boost from Mortdog) are all needed to win a Teamfight Tactics World Championship. The developer has released a total of seven Sets, along with the Beta, since TFT's initial release. Of those Sets, only five have featured a World Championship.

The original TFT Worlds were held at the finale of Galaxies, a special set that used the galaxy mechanism to display a range of concepts and mechanics. Galaxies wasn't, however, the first competition that Riot officially sponsored. TSM Keane won the Invitational that took place during the Rising of the Elements. Fates followed Galaxies, then Reckoning, Gizmos & Gadgets and finally Dragonlands.

Here are all of the TFT Worlds champions so far:

  • KC Double 61 from France - TFT Galaxies
  • 8LJayWalking from Korea - TFT Fates
  • Huanmie from China - TFT Reckoning
  • LiLuo from China - TFT Gizmos & Gadgets
  • Xunge from China - TFT Dragonlands

Changes made to the TFT Dragonlands Championship's competitive format are evidence that TFT esports is still expanding, and the new set 8 proved to be a huge boost to the popularity of the game by simplifying its mechanics. Set 7 Worlds was the largest tournament the game has ever seen, thanks to an enhanced format and the huge prize on the line.

With more than $450,000 USD up for grabs over the whole competition, the cash prize has been upped by 50%. This had a record first-place prize of $150,000 USD, which is a lot more than the Gizmos & Gadgets Championship's prize of $48,000.

Yet once again, one region stood out above all others: China. Title holder Huanmie was competing for the TFT Set 7 championship, but Xunge ultimately prevailed, with two of his countrymen placing in the top 4.

The TFT Dragonlands Championship was shown on the Teamfight Tactics channel on Twitch, with the GG Booster squad and staff watching every match!

The TFT Dragonlands Championship's Day 1 unexpected moments came from Japan's champions, the duo of Title and Holi. After earning back-to-back victories to open the day, Title finished on top, while Holi fought its way to a 2-1 lead. The latter, however, didn't manage to rank above eighth place, not just once, but three times, and ended up being eliminated from the competition.

Some well-known players also attended. Soju demonstrated he is more than just a streamer by entering the Top 8 on a steady day, while Slooper and K0nda1 from Brazil also attracted attention. Yet with three players from China in the Top 6, notably the previous champion Huanmie, boosting the Chinese squad, the outlook was not pleasant for the popular content creator, who ended up falling behind.

The EMEA Day 2 curse came true again at the TFT Dragonlands Championship, where all but a small number of competitors were eliminated. Lelouch from Poland finished Day 3 in tenth place, almost missing out on a seed for the finals.

During the third and last day of the TFT Dragonlands Championship, the points were reset, giving every competitor a fresh start. But the same thing happened again: Title blew away the competition right from the start, making him the clear favorite to win.

Surprisingly, the Japanese player lost in the last lobby, even though he had Dragon Soul. Instead, China's Xunge won the World Championship and brought the trophy back to China.

Recently, Teamfight Tactics received the Monsters Attack mid-set upgrade. With several new units, character attributes, and hero enhancements that you can boost your board's power with.

The Set 8 Worlds Championship is going to be exhilarating for sure, and we can't wait to watch!

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March 27, 2023