Ever wanted to plan your board ahead of time? Now you can!

You may have considered attempting to put together your own team comps if you've been reading tier lists on any popular streamer's website or any good comps you saw during your TFT Elo Boost. Creating a team composition is simple, but honing it to the point where it is effective is challenging.

Using something you made yourself for a game instead of a boring standard board may be a lot of fun, just like trying a new build in League of Legends, even if it isn't the next great meta comp. What follows is a guide for putting together your very own team composition.

Riot's newest addition, Team Planner, is a tool for designing custom team compositions that can then be imported automatically into the game and their TFT HUD.

Here's how you can build the perfect team before the game even starts!

Choosing your Champions

Imagine your plan is to assemble a squad of Laser Corps, but you want to make sure it will have good synergies so you get at least 4th and boost your rank instead of lowering it. First, you're going to start by picking which units will be included in the team comp. In order to get to 6 Laser Corps for this match, let's pretend you have a Laser Corp Augment or Laser Corp Emblem.

Keep in mind that some comps, like Twisted Fate comps, do not require a big vertical trait. However, we will demonstrate our setup by making use of a vertical trait in this particular example.

After settling on a foundational set of units, we'll need to round out the rest of the roster to boost the squad to a full lineup of eight champions. We have Warwick as our 4-cost carry, and because of the Admin trait he adds to the squad, Blitzcrank can take his place in the early going in case you discover a permanent Admin bonus that you need to stack. If we have more items that do magic damage, we can slap them on LeBlanc, gaining another carry. LeBlanc comps have been a popular TFT elo boosting strategy since she's very strong even at lower levels.

Pyke is a great addition since he not only gives our Hacker Omnivamp a huge boost but he also stuns in a large area, adding some hard CC to the team comp.

Warwick can be given anything in this situation, including a Bloodthirster and an Edge of Night, but a Titan's Resolve is a must because it stacks so quickly on him.

As for Shen, since he's very strong in this patch, he can be our Tank. As usual, a Warmhog's + Sunfire Cape combo is the way to go, and the third item can be anything depending on your opponent's team, either using a Dragon's Claw to boost Shen's magic resist or even an extra armor item like a Bramble Vest if people are using the Ezreal and Ultimate Ezreal Duo comp, which is heavy on AD.

Leblanc works with any AP item but benefits greatly from a blue buff.

Since these are the items you will aim to build consistently, we generally recommend choosing somewhere between 3-6 core items. If there were any more, building everything you wanted would be too difficult.

Positioning is the next choice you should make. In our scenario, we want Shen and Renekton to be the two key units that are targeted first; however, this will differ from comp to comp. They can take the vanguard, so they get the first aggro, because they are both the squad's tanks.

After that, just slap Warwick on the "H4ckerr!m" and place him anywhere on the edges if you want to target a squishy carry or in the middle if you're unsure where your opponent will play his backline. Either way, he'll work like an assassin that scales over time to become an unstoppable fighter!

Now the bulk of your team comp has been taken care of. In most cases, veteran players can simply look at a team's comp and the items and figure out the rest, and in time, you'll be able to do the same!

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April 18, 2023