TFT Glitched Out! The Mid-set Update is here!

The Mid-set Update for TFT is finally here! Riot is removing some of the most played champions and adding an entire alternate timeline of playable units!

There are new Hero Augments for both well-known and up-and-coming champions that can help in the fight against evil.Today, we'll discuss the new mid-set mechanics, Glitched Out Carousels, and what these changes will bring. This is by no means a small patch! On March 22, with the release of Glitched Out, these changes will be live, along with a new batch of cosmetics, maps, and little legends!

Due to the limited unit selection (only low-tier units are available), economy (usually you are attempting to reach interest thresholds), and traits available in the opening stages of TFT, you may feel like the game is over before it even begins (most high-end traits depend on high levels, rare units and high unit counts). The solution is to infuse early team compositions with items and tools from later stages that add variation to your squad regardless of your current access to units, gold, or traits. Glitched Out Carousels help each game feel unique as early as Stage 2.

The following is a list of the Champions and Traits that are being removed from Set 8. Note that the characteristics of champions that have lost a trait but have others that are still there, such as Ashe and Recon, will be altered.





1 Star Champions



2 Star Champions



3 Star Champions





4 Star Champions







5 Star Champions


Scuttle, Noctero, Shork and Chibi Zed (with the special edition being Chibi Project Zed) will be joining the board as the newest TFT Little Legends! Red Hot Rango, Ultra Threat Whisker, Nemesis Nimblefoot and Super Evil Sprite will be the new variants for the already existing Little Legends.

But wait, there's more! The change that everyone has been waiting for since the first day TFT was released.

When you remove an item from the carousel, the item that was previously equipped on a champion or non-champion will now be removed without your intervention. You won't have to worry about auto-combining into stuff you don't want anymore. Mortdog finally heard our cries and saved us from the true villain of TFT!

Now for the carousel changes. The "Glitched Carousels" that come packaged with Set 8.5 now include items that deviate from the norm in some way. The glitch will always be present on the Stage 2 Carousel, and there is a possibility that it will appear on other stages as well. Other instances include champions having two items each or, alternatively, having all of the champions replaced by Item Armories.

As for the new Traits, they are as innovative as they are exciting!

At the start of combat, the InfiniTeam opens a portal to an alternate reality. When an InfiniTeam unit is placed on a portal, it raises a new version of itself with different equipment at the start of battle. For every Augment you possess, they receive one item. Health and damage are decreased in the copies.

Something we've seen in the past, is a summoner trait, and this patch finally got its own version of the trait. By opening a rift between dimensions, Riftwalkers can summon an ally, Zac, who gains strength in proportion to the Riftwalkers' star level.

Quickdraws are fairly simple. Quickdraw units shoot an extra ability projectile after every two damaging ability projectiles. Yes, this means a huge boost to Miss Fortune's ultimate and a duo shot from Ezreal who also shares another amazing new trait.

When fielded with the only other Parallel unit, Ultimate Ezreal, the regular Underground Ezreal gets a huge buff. Ezreal's skill changes into a laser blast that strikes every enemy in a line. Similar to a Duo Boost, this trait also enhances Ultimate Ezreal's abilities by adding an extra clone to the more "Challenger" version of the champion.

The patch is scheduled to release on March 22, and we're counting the seconds!

Ready to glitch out?

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March 07, 2023