TFT Double Up New Meta

It finally happened, the player community found a way to break Team Fight Tactics and the toxicity from League of Legends leaked into the little legends' home.

The current #1 ranked Double Up player, FDDL, plays exactly one strategy. Deliver all the items to one of the players, who will build a carry squad. With upwards of 15 items, this one player will be impossible to defeat. Then, on the board without items, build a team entirely composed of tanks so you can hold the match for a couple of seconds until your Duo joins you in battle.

This tactic is being used by more and more players, and it is destroying double up in Master+ ranks. This is undoubtedly not how this game is meant to be played.

Some variations have emerged, but using a team composition similar to the one shown below virtually guarantees victory:

It's unhealthy, and the only way to stop it is to use the same tactic, meaning you become a part of the problem yourself and further prove the point that it's completely broken.

This is being referred to as the "funnel strategy" by most players, and it has been causing major uproar in reddit threads and even on Twitter, where Mortdog, TFT's main Dev, has addressed the issue.

The official "big boss" of TFT, Mortdog, promissed a solution at latest mid set.

There is a lot of variety in "TFT Monsters Attack!" that challenges you to approach each game differently. Big-headed tacticians, which includes you, have to navigate whatever the shop gives you, proper leveling, random items dropping every few turns, standard Augments, and the other seven players' squads, champion placement, and item compositions. That's a lot to consider when tactically putting together your board, and when Riot included Hero Augments, the majority of players felt that the level of flexibility was too high to experiment with.

Recently, and although this set has been very successful amongst players and boosters alike, a huge part of the community has been begging for a patch that will give them back some control. This led to an increase in Team Fight Tactics Boosting since it's never been harder to reach ranks like GrandMaster in TFT.

The big change here is that Hero Augments can now be rerolled four times instead of just once! This has been a game changer, but it's clearly not enough, according to Reddit and Twitter users spamming Mortdog, begging for anything else.

Most of these complains are currently focused on Double Up. Despite this game mode being in "Workshop" mode, Riot's version of an early access game, it has a ranked mode, which has attracted a lot of attention. Some players even want Boosting services to be created for this mode, to compete with League of Legends Boosting.

No spoilers here, but we are planning on giving our services a boost as well, and Double Up Boosting might be just around the corner!

The main problem with Double Up currently is that unless you have a duo partner to tag along with you in your ranked ladder climb, you run the risk of having AFK partners or trolls on your team. People going AFK in TFT happens very often, and Riot has also not responded to the outcries of players who want punishment for people who ruin their games like this.

Either way, the Team Fight Tactics developers seem to be much more focused on their player base than League's or even Valorant's dev team, which is a big win for little legend strategists across the world.

Stay tuned for more Riot Games' related news and articles!

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February 21, 2023