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Season 9 Ranked Rewards

The end of Season 9 (2019) is nearly here.  This article will guide you on how to attain and secure the best available rewards (LOL Skins, emotes, etc.) relating to Season 9 of LOL.  This information will also be useful for you to determine what ELO Boost to purchase on our website.

Victorious Skin

Season 9 end is scheduled for 19th November, 2019. Meanwhile the season 9 rewards have been announced and the most coveted season reward, the Victorious skin, goes to Aatrox. Aatrox has been a dominating pick throughout the season by being able to deal tons of damage and due to the fact that he can be a flex pick mostly between top and mid lane.

To earn the Victorious Aatrox skin you need to be least honor 2 and Gold IV in one of the ranked queues (Solo/Duo, Flex 5v5, Flex 3v3). You will also earn a Victorious Aatrox Chroma skin if you reach at least Gold IV in two of those ranked queues.  Remember, you only have until November 19, to qualify.  

TFT Season Rewards

Team Fight Tactics season will end before the rest of the ranked queues. The TFT season is officially over by 5th November and will have separated rewards from the other ranked queues, not linked with your current honor level.

The TFT rewards have not been fully announced yet, but so far as we know, you need to be at least Gold IV to receive an exclusive Pengu Emote that changes considering the rank you achieved at the end of the TFT Season. It's not clear yet if a player from an higher rank tier is able to earn the rewards from the tiers below him or just the one of his rank.

Regardless of all the uncertainty regarding TFT season end, you can expect different rewards to be given later, despite not being announced yet.  Since the game was only released a few months ago, expect a more transparent season reward system going forward from 2020.

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Honor Season Rewards

Like previous seasons, it's clear by now that you will earn an emote and/or an honor ward for honor 3. 4 and 5. It's not clear yet if a player from a higher rank tier is able to earn the rewards from the tiers below him or just the one of his rank.

Having Trouble Getting the Rank you Desire?

5th November is the end of TFT Season and 19th November is the end of the season for the remaining ranked queues. If you don't have time for the grind and the hussle it is to play in the last few days of the season we can help you that. GGBOOST has solo and duo services that can fit your needs for any ranked queue in record time. Check our services, here.


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November 03, 2019