Could Riot's MMO be doomed?!!

The League of Legends MMO has received an update, but the news is dire. Regrettably, production must continue without Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street.

Riot recently made a significant announcement regarding the project and the stage the squad behind the game's development is at and it involves one of the most important developers as he won't be boosting the production anymore.

The duo of Marc "Tryndamere" Merrill and Ghostcrawler announced on March 7, 2023, that after almost a decade of teamwork, Ghostcrawler would be leaving Riot Games but that production will continue on the future LoL MMO set in Runeterra.

But why did he break away from the company? A lot of speculation has surfaced, and reddit users who have been discussing the MMO for a very long time exploded with theories. Is the game still being made? Who will take over?

According to his post on Twitter, Ghostcrawler made this important choice for both personal and professional reasons. The desire to spend more time with his family and be closer to them appears to have played a significant role in his decision. Meaning Riot will need to boost the team with fresh faces.

After nine long years boosting the development of multiple games with Riot, his absence will mean very significant changes to the core of Riot's development teams. More than just the MMO, you can clearly see the handprint of the developer on League of Legends' changes throughout the years.

Greg Street served as the LoL MMO's executive producer, but both he and Marc Merrill have said that the game is in great hands. It looks like Street left the business on purpose at a time when the development of the game could be easily taken over. This makes it less likely that he left because of something bad.

Merrill claims that although the team is still in the early stages of production, they have identified the precise direction they want to take the game in. Players will once again need to wait for hints of information, as he reiterated that there is still a long way to go before they can make a release.

Riot still seems optimistic about their upcoming League of Legends massively multiplayer online (MMO) game and the direction they plan to take it, even though a key member of the development team has left the company.

In fact, recently we've had some news! Greg Street was recently asked on Twitter about the possibility of champions being included in the game in some capacity, such as a dungeon boss or another type of creature that players can engage in combat with. Greg Street's answer? Rather diplomatic, but then again, we can't expect him to tell us everything about the game. No, in order to piece together a picture of what the game might be like, we will have to track down those breadcrumbs on our own.

While he hinted that not only Champions but also Legends of Runeterra characters will be in the game, not only as NPCs but as bosses, he also said that the number of characters we have now is not enough, and Riot will have to boost the roster with new faces we haven't seen before in any other game!

Due to the fact that the game is still in the early stages of production, there isn't a definite schedule for a release. This indicates that the game most likely won't be delayed and that a capable team is working on it.

We hope that Greg Street is successful in his next project and that the League of Legends MMO will be available to all of us very soon.

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