January 25, 2024

Wild Rift Unleashes the Dragon with Patch 5.0: Bright Heights!

Hold on to your smartphones, summoners, because Wild Rift is kicking off the year of the dragon with a flash of light brighter than the sun! Patch 5.0, also known as Bright Heights, dropped on January 18, bringing a Lunar New Year celebration to the Rift, a trio of new champions to boost the ranks of Wild Rift’s roster, epic champion reworks, game-shaking updates, and 38 new skins. Get ready for the ultimate Wild Rift adventure!

New Champions

Syndra, the Dark Sovereign, brings her Ionian mystique to the Rift, wielding immense power from a safe distance. Talon, the Blade’s Shadow, a ruthless Noxian assassin, silently carves through foes with unmatched agility. And let's not forget Kindred, the Eternal Hunter, embodying the dual forces of death - Lamb and Wolf, delivering a swift release or a crushing finale.

Wild Rift Syndra

Champion Reworks

Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger, gets a celestial makeover for the Year of the Dragon, boosting his power to fit the current meta! Wukong, the Monkey King, is getting a big buff, and Yuumi, the Magical Cat, is receiving some tweaks to her support game. Gragas, the Rabble Rouser, is getting adjusted for smoother gameplay, making each chug of his drink a strategic delight.

Gameplay Changes: Items, Minions, and More!

New items are shaking up the meta! Heartsteel joins the Wild Rift, paving the way for champions who enjoy colossal health pools. Titanic Hydra lets champions splash damage like never before, and Spear of Shojin grants speed and cooldown bonuses. Riot is slightly nerfing siege minions, easing pressure on structures. The Rift Herald is also getting a rework, to make sure it's got its sights set on enemy turrets, causing chaos and giving those who capture him a solid advantage.

Terrain: The Baron Lane Facelift!

The Baron Lane is getting a stylish new alcove, creating spaces for sneaky plays and epic dodges, just in time for Talon’s release. Time to outmaneuver your opponents and spice up the lane game!

Pet System: Evolve Your Chonccs!

The pet system is evolving! Help your Chonccs transform into new forms and unlock a world of rewards. It’s almost like Palworld but without the weapons.

Modes: Arena Madness and Double Cast!

Arena is getting 20 dragon-themed augments to boost your favorite champions, and the ninth round unleashes an all-out battle royale where teams can get rewards without losing health. URF fans, brace yourselves for Double Cast, a hybrid mode with refreshed ability cooldowns and doubled basic attack effects!

Ranked: Season 12 Begins!

Patch 5.0 marks the beginning of Ranked Season 12. Unlock Glorious Crown Xin Zhao in the Ranked Store and enter the renewed Legendary Queue to get your rewards. Ranked just got a whole lot more legendary and you can start guaranteeing your Wild Rift ranked rewards by clicking here!

Wild Pass: Food Spirits Unleashed!

Food Spirits Veigar and Black Frost Renekton hit the Rift as Wild Pass skin rewards, turning champions into culinary masterpieces!

Events: Lunar New Year and Beyond!

The Bright Heights patch kicks off with a Lunar New Year extravaganza, featuring Dragon Lantern skins. Later, gear up for Valentine’s Day celebrations. It’s a party on the Rift!

38 New Skins: From Dawnbringer to High Noon!

Yes, you read that right, League of Legends: Wild Rift is getting thirty eight new skins!

Here’s the full list:

Prestige Dragon Lantern Aatrox Splash Art
  • Lunar Guardian Aurelion Sol
  • Lunar Empress Morgana
  • Lunar Fairy Kai'sa
  • Lunar Fairy (Special Edition) Kai'sa
  • Lunar Guardian Nasus
  • Lunar Guardian Pantheon
  • Prestige Dragon Lantern Aatrox
  • Dragon Lantern Aatrox
  • Dragon Lantern Graves
  • Dragon Lantern Thresh
  • Dragon Lantern (Special Edition) Graves
  • Dragon Lantern Zeri
  • Dragon Lantern Zyra
  • Spirit Blossom Syndra
  • Guqin Sona
  • Lovestruck Ezreal
  • Lovestruck Lux
  • High Noon Katarina
  • High Noon Leona
  • Prestige High Noon Lucian
  • High Noon Samira
  • High Noon Talon
  • High Noon Twitch
  • Dawnbringer Akshan
  • Dawnbringer Draven
  • Nightbringer Tryndamere
  • Nightbringer Kayn
  • Battle Academia Caitlyn
  • Battle Academia Jayce
  • Warden Nautilus
  • Woof and Lamb Kindred
  • Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot
  • Pizza Delivery Sivir
  • Warden Nautilus
  • Blackfrost Renekton
  • Battle Academia Caitlyn
  • Battle Academia Jayce
  • Warring Kingdoms Mythic Chroma Jarvan IV

From cosmic wonders to thematic delights, Bright Heights introduces a huge collection of skins to boost every summoner's collection.

So, get ready to start the year of the dragon in style, Wild Rift warriors, because Patch 5.0 is here to redefine your gaming experience. Unleash the Bright Heights and conquer the Rift in style!


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