January 02, 2024

Leaked Lunar Revel - New Year Skins for League of Legends: Wild Rift

As we step into the Lunar New Year, League of Legends: Wild Rift is gearing up to celebrate in style with the release of 11 stunning new skins. Leaks from reliable sources have given us a sneak peek into the Lunar New Year event, and we are thrilled to share the details of these exclusive cosmetics.

Year of the Dragon Aurelion Sol

Lunar Gods Skin Line: A Celestial Touch for Your Champions

Embrace the Lunar Gods with this divine skin line, featuring intricate designs and boosting your wardrobe for the Year of the Dragon. Here are the champions set to receive these celestial makeovers:

  • Lunar Guardian Nasus: A majestic transformation for the dog-headed juggernaut, Nasus.
  • Aurelion Sol (Wild Rift Exclusive): The cosmic dragon graces Wild Rift with an exclusive Lunar New Year look, as it should be, for the year of the Dragon.
  • Pantheon (Wild Rift Exclusive): The warrior leaps into the festivities with a brand new Lunar Guardian appearance.
  • Kai'Sa (Wild Rift Exclusive): Joining the Lunar Gods, Kai'Sa gets a unique and captivating skin.
  • Morgana (Wild Rift Exclusive): The fallen angel Morgana takes on celestial vibes in this Lunar New Year skin.

Lunar New Year - Year of The Dragon Skin Line: A Roaring Collection

Usher in the Year of The Dragon with this fierce skin line as you soar above the Summoner’s Rift in style. Get ready for the fire-breathing transformations that will boost the following champions:

  • Zeri (Wild Rift Exclusive): A new Lunar New Year look for this mysterious and elusive champion.
  • Graves (Wild Rift Exclusive): The gritty gunslinger gets a dragon-themed makeover for the celebrations.
  • Thresh (Wild Rift Exclusive): The Chain Warden becomes a Dragon Guardian in this exclusive skin.
  • Zyra (Wild Rift Exclusive): The Rise of the Thorns takes on a fiery twist with this captivating Year of The Dragon skin.
  • Aatrox (Wild Rift Exclusive): The Darkin Blade himself undergoes a dragon-inspired transformation.

Food Spirits Skin Line - Wild Pass Skin Reward: Feast Your Eyes on This Exclusive Skin!

For those participating in the Wild Pass, a delectable reward awaits in the form of the Food Spirits skin line. Indulge in the delightful transformation of:

  • Veigar (Wild Pass Reward): The mischievous yordle embraces the Food Spirits theme, promising a visual feast for players. Don’t try to snack on his ultimate, however, or you’ll get a huge stomach ache.

Lunar Guardian Nasus Banner

Will These Skins be Available in League of Legends PC?

While Wild Rift players get ready to showcase their new Lunar New Year looks, PC players might be wondering if these unique skins will make their way to boost League of Legends PC. As of now, the chances seem low, given the distinct features of Wild Rift and its long history of dropping skins that never make it to the PC version. However, keep an eye out for updates as the situation evolves. Both Wild Rift and League of Legends players have exciting and unique content to look forward to in celebration of the Lunar New Year. Get ready to adorn your champions with these exclusive skins and join the festivities in style!

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