June 14, 2024

PlayStation Fans Blame Xbox for Missing Valorant Console Feature

This week, Valorant will make its much-anticipated debut on consoles, launching in beta form on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. However, some PS5 fans are expressing frustration that Valorant will not use one of the PS5’s standout features to maintain parity with the Xbox version. This decision has sparked a lively debate among the gaming community.

Valorant's Console Adaptation

Valorant, a first-person shooter where precision aiming is crucial, has become a hit on PC, thanks to the control precision offered by a mouse. However, translating that precision to consoles is no simple feat. Riot Games has introduced a Focus Aim system for Valorant on consoles, designed to boost hip firing accuracy while allowing for fast movement when needed. While no one has tested it yet, this system might be the solution to overcoming the inherent challenges of console aiming.

The Missing Gyro-Aiming Feature

Despite these innovations, PS5 fans have noted the absence of a key feature that could enhance precision aiming: the PS5 controller's gyro technology. This feature allows for gyro aiming, where the controller's movement translates to on-screen crosshair movement, providing a higher level of precision. Games like The Finals and Fortnite have successfully implemented this feature, and many believe it would be perfect for Valorant.

However, on consoles, Valorant will not include gyro-aiming. The reason? The development team wants to ensure a uniform experience across all consoles. Since Xbox controllers lack this technology, incorporating it for PS5 players would create an uneven playing field. Coleman Palm, product management lead on Valorant gameplay, explained this decision in a thread on X (Twitter), discussing the possibility of gyro aiming.

Valorant PS5

Palm did mention that the team might consider implementing gyro aiming for PlayStation players in the future. Some team members working on the console port appreciate the PS5’s gyro feature and recognize its potential for boosting precision aiming in Valorant.

Community Reactions

The news has predictably stirred the pot among gamers. While the "console wars" aren’t news for anyone, it’s clear that this announcement has sparked a flurry of back-and-forth arguments between PS5 and Xbox fans, with Playstation fanatics blaming the Xbox for the lack of a gyro feature in Valorant. Some view the PS5 version's lack of gyro aiming as a missed opportunity, while others see it as a necessary compromise to maintain fairness across platforms.

The reaction highlights the ongoing tension between maintaining feature parity and leveraging unique console capabilities. With only a few days until the Valorant beta kicks off, players are eager to see how significant the absence of gyro aiming will be in practice.

Valorant Gyro Aiming

Apart from the Gyro Aiming, Valorant’s PS5 version seems to be missing a Platinum trophy as of yet, another missing feature that PlayStation players are unhappy about.

The launch of Valorant on consoles is a milestone for the game, but it hasn't come without controversy. The decision to exclude the PS5’s gyro-aiming feature in favor of maintaining parity with Xbox has disappointed many PlayStation fans. However, Riot Games has left the door open for future updates that might introduce this feature and boost the game before release.

As players dive into the console beta, the true impact of this decision will become clearer. While some view it as a setback, others appreciate the commitment to a balanced competitive environment. Regardless of where you stand, it’s an exciting time for Valorant fans as the game expands its reach to console platforms.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on Valorant and all developments in the gaming world.


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