November 17, 2023

Teamfight Tactics Set 10 Remix Rumble Features Legendary 4 Star Jhin

The launch of Teamfight Tactics Set 10 on the PBE has brought with it an absolutely mind-blowing discovery for fans of the game. Hidden deep within the musical-inspired Remix Rumble set, there is an Easter egg to be unwrapped that not only adds a layer of lore accuracy to the game but also introduces a twist to the gameplay that can boost you from 8th to 1st place in a single round. Inside the colorful shell of this Easter egg, we can find the legendary 5-cost unit Jhin, known for his association with the number four and now taking center stage in a game-ending 4-star version.

TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble

What’s new in TFT Set 10?

Remix Rumble, Set 10's theme, brings a musical flavor to Teamfight Tactics. This includes new traits (bands), items, augments, and the introduction of the Headliner system. Similar to the Chosen mechanic from Set 4, Headliners offer buffed units with double traits but with a unique twist. Instead of completely blocking Headliners from appearing in the shop when one is owned, these unique units are revealed once every four shops when you already have one and every shop if you don’t have one yet, boosting strategic diversity.

Jhin, a legendary unit in Set 10, fits seamlessly into the musical theme and is capable of summoning turrets on the player's bench. Jhin has always been associated with the number four, aligning with his in-game lore. However, the developers of Teamfight Tactics have added a delightful Easter egg in Set 10, elevating Jhin to a 4-star status.

Players testing Set 10 in the PBE have stumbled upon the Easter egg that allows them to field a 4-star Jhin. This transformation takes Jhin's gameplay to new heights, enabling him to summon multiple turrets that extend to the outer edges of the Arena and beyond, creating an orchestra of doom! This achievement ensures an almost instant victory for the fortunate player, and it also transforms the battlefield into an auditorium.

How do I get a 4-star Jhin?

TFT Set 10 4-Star Jhin

The key to unlocking the 4-star Jhin Easter egg lies in making him your Headliner unit. By choosing Jhin as your Headliner, he automatically upgrades to a 4-star copy, presenting players with an exhilarating and rare gameplay experience, a full-on concert on your board.

However, achieving this feat is no easy task. Even at level 9, players face a mere 10% chance of receiving a 5-cost Headliner, and if they already have a Headliner fielded, that only happens every 4 rounds. This adds an element of challenge and excitement, requiring players to carefully strategize and perhaps even save gold for level 10 or rely on the whims of luck.

Mortdog and the TFT Developer team love to bring us new content every set, and 4-Star Jhin is already a fan favorite. As players explore Set 10, the Teamfight Tactics arena becomes not only a battleground for strategic mastery but also a canvas for delightful surprises. The joy of finding a new Easter egg adds an extra layer to the quality that TFT players have already come to expect, keeping the community engaged in Riot’s auto-chess battler.

We’ll keep you posted on any Teamfight Tactics news!

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