April 15, 2024

Teamfight Tactics Full Patch Notes for Patch 14.8

TFT Patch 14.8 is bringing some major adjustments and tweaks to Set 11, releasing new artifacts alongside buffs, nerfs, and changes across the board.

This update isn't just business as usual. It's a big deal for both competitive players eyeing the first-ever Inkborn Fables Americas Tactician’s Cup at the end of April and casual players aiming to climb the TFT ranks to Challenger and beyond.

On this TFT patch, you can expect late-game champs to get a boost with some extra HP and a huge nerf to the heavenly bonus. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. We're talking about a whole list of changes hitting the PBE right now.

TFT Patch 14.8: System Changes

This update is a big deal for both competitive and casual players diving into the latest meta.

With the Inkborn Fables Americas Tactician’s Cup on the horizon and players practicing to boost their skills 24/7, Patch 14.8 is where the action's at.

Porcelain Ashe Skin

We've got some sneak peeks into the changes hitting the PBE right now, from beefing up late-game champs with extra HP to dialing back the heavenly bonus.

We're still waiting on the full list of changes and adjustments from Riot Mortdog, but don't worry; he's promised to reveal everything before the full patch notes drop. Mortdog is known for keeping the community informed about all the game's balance changes and behind-the-scenes features, so we're in good hands.

Oh, and did I mention the base HP buffs for champs like Ashe, Galio, Kai’Sa, and Kayn? They're getting a nice boost, which will help them hold their own on the battlefield. This patch will define TFT's Esports meta for weeks, and despite not being the official Esports World Cup patch, it will be played in the Americas Tactician's Cup.

Storyweaver Kayle

System changes in Patch 14.8 will adjust everything from player base damage to shop odds at Level Seven. Streaks are back to granting just one gold with a win or loss streak of two, and the odds for seeing four-cost champs at Level Seven have been tweaked.

Trait balance changes are also in the works, targeting specific breakpoints within Set 11 traits. For example, the Fortune trait has been granting too much player HP, while Dragonlord champs need to lower their health percent damage.

Here's a breakdown of some key trait balance changes coming in TFT Patch 14.8:

  • Dragonlord: Health% damage at levels four and five reduced from 12/18 to 10/15 percent.
  • Exalted: Bonus damage increased to 5%. Extra damage per level at trait level five increased to 3% per level.
  • Fated: Sett Omnivamp nerfed to 12 percent. Syndra damage boost buffed to 11 percent.
  • Fortune: Healing of player health at five Fortunes nerfed to two HP.
  • Heavenly: Team bonus at seven nerfed to 225%.
  • Porcelain: Attack speed at six reduced to 100%. Reduced damage at six reduced from 50%.
  • Storyweaver: Kayle (three stars) on-hit damage nerfed to 15% ability power. Kayle ability damage reduced to 125% AP at 3 Storyweavers.
  • Umbral: Execute threshold adjusted from 10/18/18/40% to 10/18/20/45%.

TFT Patch 14.8 Release Date

TFT Patch 14.8 is set to go live on Friday, April 17, according to Riot's full patch schedule. Expect a couple of extra adjustments to minor mechanics and game bugs, and if you can't wait, hop onto the PBE servers to test out the changes before they hit the live servers!


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