April 12, 2024

Riot is Adding Vanguard Security to League of Legends

Riot Games' decision to implement Vanguard, the anti-cheat system from Valorant, into League of Legends has sparked considerable controversy among players. Riot's revelation that one in 15 League of Legends matches has encountered cheaters has shocked many within the community.

When is Vanguard releasing on League of Legends?

Vanguard, the security system already implemented on Valorant, will be added to League of Legends across all servers starting May 1, 2024. The anti-cheat system will be tested on the SEA server during April, making SEA the first server to receive this security boost. Several LoL-related content creators have joined thousands of players who claim they will stop playing League of Legends altogether due to the nature of Vanguard, which works on a kernel level, having access to vital information from the user’s computer and likely making it vulnerable to hacker attacks.

In a recent League of Legends development blog, Riot disclosed that the prevalence of scripters or botters in matches globally is as high as one in 15 matches, with some regions experiencing even higher rates, reaching one in five matches. These findings have shed light on a previously underestimated issue, leading Riot to take action with the launch of Vanguard for League of Legends.

League of Legends Cheaters per Game

Despite initial skepticism and backlash from players who viewed Vanguard as unnecessary due to its invasive nature, Riot's statistics indicate a more widespread problem than previously recognized. These revelations have challenged the community's assumption that cheaters in League of Legends were relatively rare, fueling the heated discussions in r/LeagueOfLegends about the need and effectiveness of the anti-cheat measures.

According to several Reddit users and the content creators who have joined them in protesting against Vanguard, first-person shooters are extremely fast-paced, and a single millisecond can make a difference, so Vanguard does make sense in that particular case. League of Legends, as a Moba, doesn’t require an advanced anti-cheat capable of so much. That’s why Valorant has had Vanguard for so long, boosting the security of the matches while working at a kernel level. This is one of the main factors that is starting to scare some players away from League of Legends.

The blog post explores the alarming statistics of League of Legends cheaters, revealing that scripters achieved an astonishing 80% win rate in ranked matches and tainted over 10% of Master+ games. Additionally, it highlighted the accessibility of cheating tools, with level 30 accounts equipped for ranked play available online for as little as $1.99, facilitating the ease with which cheaters can acquire alternative accounts.

League of Legends Cheaters per Rank

The post aims to prove the necessity of implementing Vanguard by emphasizing the shortcomings of current anti-cheat systems in League of Legends. It acknowledges that existing measures need a boost, with cheat manufacturers quick to adapt to any changes made. However, it is hoped that Vanguard's advanced anti-cheat capabilities will stop these efforts, rendering cheat production futile. The post delves a bit deeper into Vanguard's technical intricacies and explains its requirement for deep access to users' PCs in order to effectively combat cheating at its root, but the LoL gaming community doesn't seem convinced so far.

Vanguard for League of Legends’ release date is May 1, 2024, so you have until then to decide whether the new security system makes a difference for you or not.


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