April 08, 2024

Valve missed a Counter Strike 2 Command that Enabled Wall Hack

Earlier today, Valve had to round up all the troops and act quickly to address a huge emergency, after a newly discovered exploit in Counter-Strike 2 allowed any player to emulate a famous cheat and gain an unfair advantage by enabling wall hacks through a command in the in-game console. Within just 24 hours of its discovery, Valve implemented a fix to eliminate this exploit via an emergency CS2 hotfix patch.

Cheating has been an ongoing issue in Counter-Strike 2 since its release in the summer of 2023, with hackers employing increasingly aggressive tactics to boost their performance. This latest exploit allowed players to activate wall hacks simply by entering a command into CS2’s console, bypassing the need for third-party software. As demonstrated by former NiP junior player Adrian ‘7EMPORARY’ Mehrara on April 7, this command instantly revealed the positions of all characters with visible boxes, regardless of team affiliation.


It's evident that the exploit provided a huge advantage to those who utilized it, allowing them to constantly track enemy positions and make informed decisions during gameplay. This unfair advantage not only compromised the integrity of matches, but also impacted the ranked experience, with players losing MMR points due to cheating.

The prevalence of this glitch was particularly notable on FACEIT, where it prompted the platform to suspend matchmaking to prevent its growing impact. FACEIT acknowledged the issue and assured users that they were actively investigating the possibility of addressing it from their end.

Counter Strike 2 Wall Hack Command

Furthermore, FACEIT announced that they would take appropriate measures against those found exploiting the glitch, already issuing bans to identified offenders. This proactive response goes to show that the platform's commitment to maintaining fair and competitive gameplay for all CS2 players is still one of their pillars.

Valve's quick release of a 1.2 MB update for CS2 on April 8 is a relief for players affected by the exploit, as it effectively rendered the code unusable.

While this patch stopped players from unfairly boosting their scores, Valve has yet to address whether they will implement bans for those who abused the exploit or not.

As posted by CS2 News on Twitter (X):

“A cheat code that can be unlocked in CS2 Premier mode has just been detected.

It is not recommended to play Premier mode for a while. Each user can open a cheat with 1 code.”

Later, they posted:

“Counter-Strike 2 update has been released.

The cheat bug that could be unlocked in game modes has been removed.”

Nevertheless, the incident underscores concerns surrounding the integrity of Counter-Strike 2, especially amidst its growing player base and the recent excitement surrounding events like the PGL Copenhagen Major. Such exploits highlight the ongoing need for Valve to prioritize the development of CS2, ensuring it meets the standards set by its predecessor, Global Offensive.

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