April 12, 2024

CS2 Betting Platform CSGORoll Ends Partnership with G2 Esports

CSGORoll and G2 Esports have decided to part ways in the aftermath of a dramatic stage rush incident at the Counter-Strike 2 PGL Copenhagen Major. The controversial protest not only damaged the trophy but also led to the dissolution of their partnership. Thousands of players left comments criticizing G2, a fact that was undoubtedly a boost to the decision to dissolve the business deal.


CSGORoll, known for its involvement in Counter-Strike skin betting, has formally ended its sponsorship of G2 Esports following the tumultuous events in Copenhagen. In their statement, CSGORoll indirectly addressed some of the allegations raised against them while expressing gratitude for their time with G2 Esports, highlighting their collaboration during the Paris Major. However, they emphasized a shift in focus to provide a more secure environment for platform users.

On April 8, 2024, CSGORoll released an official statement via their social media platforms, acknowledging their past association with G2 Esports in a brief address spanning four paragraphs. They expressed appreciation for the partnership while affirming that, together with G2, their commitment to ensuring a safe gaming experience for their users and G2 fans was their biggest priority.

While the recent sponsorship split seems to be linked to the controversial protest that occurred during the Copenhagen Major, some sources believe there may be other motives since this partnership was boosting both organizations’ financial gains without breaking any Valve rules or laws. While CSGORoll did not “officially” announce the end of their relationship with G2 Esports, their statement suggests a redirection of resources away from the team. The absence of CSGORoll among G2 Esports' sponsors clearly indicates this shift.

The protest that may have caused this event happened during a live match between MOUZ and G2 Esports in the PGL Copenhagen Major, with fans rushing the stage to confront CSGORoll over alleged illegal practices.

The protestors disrupted the event by running down the catwalk, engaging with security, and knocking over the trophy pedestal before being removed from the stage. This incident led to a significant delay in the game and heightened security measures for the remainder of the event.

PGL Copenhagen Major Invasion

Prior to the rush, protestors distributed fliers accusing CSGORoll of illicit behavior, adding to the tension surrounding the event. It is noteworthy that the incident occurred during a G2 Esports match, suggesting a deliberate targeting of the team by the protestors.

The disruption at the Copenhagen Major posed a significant threat to the safety of G2 Esports' players, as protestors were able to get dangerously close to them during the stage rush. Ensuring player safety is a top priority at major esports events, and the incident prompted a visible boost to stage security for the remainder of the tournament.

While it remains unclear which organization initiated the sponsorship break, the separation between G2 Esports and CSGORoll has been officially confirmed. This decision underscores the severity of the situation and the repercussions of the protest. Both parties have opted to end their partnership, signaling a definitive conclusion to their collaboration.


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