November 19, 2023

Post Malone and iiTzTimmy Rally for R301 and Pathfinder Buffs

In Apex Legends, where legends and weapons shape the meta, the community's voice is powerful. Recently, the spotlight has turned to none other than Grammy-winning artist Post Malone, who, alongside Apex Legends star iiTzTimmy, is urging Respawn Entertainment to boost the power and stats of their beloved R301 rifle and the iconic legend, Pathfinder. Let's delve into the details of this collaborative effort and explore the potential impact on the game.

Post Malone's X Apex Legends

Post Malone, known for his chart-topping music and undeniable talent, has been an avid gamer and a vocal fan of Apex Legends. Over the years, he has credited the battle royale game for rekindling his passion for gaming. Malone's involvement with Apex Legends goes beyond casual play; he has streamed the game with prominent figures in the gaming community and even has his own in-game event currently happening, featuring the Three Strikes Limited-Time Mode (LTM).

iiTzTimmy's Call for Change

100 Thieves star iiTzTimmy, a prominent figure in the Apex Legends community, has seized the opportunity to leverage Post Malone's influence to boost what he considers a significant cause. During a collaborative streaming session, iiTzTimmy directly addressed Post Malone, stating, "You're the only one that can save us. Tell them to buff the R301 and Pathfinder again." This plea really shows the impact celebrities can have on influencing game development decisions, especially when they have a genuine connection with the gaming community.

Apex Legends Pathfinder

Post Malone, demonstrating his engagement and humor, responded promptly to iiTzTimmy's request. He pretended to communicate with the Apex Legends developers during the stream, saying,

"Okay, hey! Hey, will you guys buff the 301 and Pathfinder again? And they have to do it, that’s what I heard."

This moment not only showcased Post Malone’s presence as a member of the gaming community but also highlighted the potential influence celebrities can wield in shaping the gaming experience.

The R301 and Pathfinder

Both the R301 rifle and Pathfinder, a beloved recon legend, have undergone adjustments and nerfs in the past. The R301 experienced a reduction in damage a few seasons ago, aligning it with the R99 while maintaining its effectiveness. In the current Season 19, the R301 is in the crafting rotation, a move that some players see as a nerf since it is no longer available on the floor or loot containers. However, the R301 remains a very popular weapon, and the community has been asking the developers' for buffs.

Apex Legends R301

The collaboration between Post Malone and iiTzTimmy to advocate for changes in Apex Legends showcases the unique dynamic between celebrities and the gaming community. As the gaming industry continues to embrace a broader audience, the voices of influential figures like Post Malone can be instrumental in shaping the direction of popular titles. Whether Respawn Entertainment heeds the call for R301 and Pathfinder buffs remains to be seen, but this episode adds a colorful chapter to the ongoing relationship between celebrities and the gaming world.

The Apex Legends community eagerly anticipates the outcome of this rallying cry for change in one of the most popular battle royale games on the market.

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