March 31, 2024

A POI Draft System Might Replace the Apex Legends Drop Ship in the ALGS

John Nelson, the commissioner of the Apex Legends Global Series, shared a letter with ALGS participants, as reported on Reddit. In the letter, Nelson discussed the potential elimination of contesting at ALGS events. He mentioned a new feature called "spawn selection" in private lobbies, which will enable teams to have predetermined landing spots during ALGS competitions.

The ALGS is currently surveying Apex Legends players and coaches to gather their opinions on this change, which has the potential to fundamentally change the competitive landscape. The commissioner has indicated that the goal is to implement these changes starting from Split 2.

In addition to eliminating the drop ship, the ALGS team wants to boost the new system with a draft.

Under this system, teams would no longer be assigned the same landing location each week.

This proposal also includes the removal of the iconic Apex Legends drop ship from ALGS. Right now, the drop ship's trajectory creates a random scenario for teams positioned on the map's periphery. In some cases, teams can finish looting and begin rotating before others have even landed on the opposite side of the map.

Apex Legends Dropship

On Storm Point, reaching your designated location from the ship can prove challenging, if not impossible. Teams located at Zeus and Lightning Rod have occasionally been forced to cover the final stretch of their journey on foot. In the past, these factors left some Apex Legends pro-teams at a disadvantage that cost them entire tournaments.

Under the new system, teams would have the opportunity to choose their spawn point from a selection of predetermined locations spread across the map.

The proposed changes to ALGS go even further, with the promise to “eliminate contesting." The commissioner's letter reveals the introduction of a new Point of Interest (POI) draft system. Teams would receive specific drop spots under this system. In the Apex Legends Pro League, a system would be implemented to ensure that teams receive equal opportunities for early, middle, and late picks.

However, there are a lot of implications to consider with this new system. LAN and Regional Finals would be influenced by team performance, resulting in the strongest teams having priority in selecting the best POIs. This creates a scenario where struggling teams may find themselves relegated to weaker positions, intensifying the competition but possibly widening the gap between teams and causing what’s usually known as "snowballing.”.

ALGS Team Drop Claims

Currently, most Apex Legends teams invest time and effort into mastering specific game plans based on specific starting positions. They develop strategies for rotations and prioritize certain spots accordingly. On the flip side, teams with a better POI do hold an edge during matches. Nevertheless, the existing system allows any team to land anywhere, and those with superior positions have always had to defend them against challengers.

From a spectator’s perspective, contesting adds an element of excitement and engagement to the ALGS. Witnessing two teams battle it out over several weeks not only boosts the appeal of the ALGS events but also enriches the broader competitive schedule. Fans become more invested in following the competition, paying closer attention to scrims, and actively discussing strategies and scores on social media platforms.

The decision to eliminate contesting marks the end of one of the most captivating elements of the Apex Legends Global Series and a significant component of team strategy. The choice of landing spot, the ability to secure or defend it, and the dynamics of interaction between teams from various regions are key aspects of the current ALGS ecosystem.

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The introduction of the POI draft system and the removal of contesting in Apex Legends could indeed end up boosting the skill ceiling in ALGS. This new landscape will challenge teams to think quickly and adapt on the fly for success. The commissioner's statement about expecting a more varied list of landing locations per team suggests that this change will require teams to demonstrate a broader range of skills and strategies.

While the Season 20 armor changes began introducing adaptability to a lesser extent, this proposed change takes it to a whole new level. Teams will need to adjust their rotations and tactics significantly, pushing them to their limits in terms of skill and adaptability.

The fans are left with few answers and a lot of questions: does the ban on contesting and the implementation of the POI draft system go too far? Will it truly boost the excitement of ALGS events, or could it potentially disrupt the balance of the game? Will the POI draft system make it to ranked Apex Legends? Will it fix the RNG? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more Apex news and updates!


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